How Parents Can Make Homework More Fun!

Making homework fun

Making homework fun

How Parents Can Make Homework More Fun!

When your kids get home from a long day at school, the last thing that they probably want to do is sit down to do more schoolwork. Unfortunately for them, homework must get done!

As parents, we don’t want our kids to despise their homework. We want to see them love learning!

To help instil that love of education in your child, you need to find ways to make their homework less boring and more exciting. Here are a few ways to help your child get excited about homework!

The Progress Board

Hang a whiteboard up in the area where your child usually works on their homework. Decorate it with fun, visual stimulation such as photos of them, school name tags, pictures of your pets, or stickers.

Use this board to keep track of progress throughout the week. Having a checklist, bar graph, or other fillable task sheet is a great way to keep children interested in what they are doing.

As they complete assignments throughout the week, they can tick off the boxes and work towards an end-of-week reward – a special treat from Mum and Dad!

Go Beyond the Text

When your child is studying subjects like history and literature, it’s a simple fact that the text can become a bit dull after thinking about it all day at school.

That’s when you can make homework more fun by going beyond the text!

Ask your kids to put on a mini-play for you to explain what historical event they have learned about this year. Or, get them to take the time to draw a picture of their favourite character from the book they are reading in school.

By asking them questions during these creative outlets, your child will have fun with the material while becoming more engaged with it. Knowing there’s a fun task attached to their academic work is a great way of relieving homework anxiety and even getting them enthusiastic about it.

Play Some Music

While you don’t want to put on anything that will take your child’s attention away from their homework, it’s true that silence can be even more distracting.

Putting on white noise, instrumental, or other soothing playlists is a good way to help your child feel more relaxed and at ease while doing homework.

Remember that schoolwork can be very stressful, so make it more fun by adding a musical element.

Work Nearby

One of the worst things to do when your child is working on homework is to send them into a secluded room or tell them that they aren’t allowed to do anything until their homework is done.

You don’t want homework to feel like a punishment!

Instead, set your kids up with a workstation in the same area where you are working on home tasks like bills or cleaning.

When you make homework a family affair, it becomes less stressful and more fun. Plus, they can ask you any questions they have since you’ll be nearby!

Make Reading a Reward

Does your child have a reading to do for homework?

Rather than asking them to do it right when they get home for school as if it is a chore, let them work on other chores and fun activities first.

Then, make reading the reward! If you make reading a reward for doing good work on other tasks, they’ll find the whole homework process much more enjoyable.