Epic parenting fails that will make you feel like a saint

Parenting fails have existed since the dawn of, well, parents. The only difference is that now there is social media, so everyone gets to witness your little boo boos. Fun!

To put your foot in it

This parent has literally put their (child’s) feet in it instead of the prescribed pair of hands.

Working On Eva's Baby Book

Via Instagram/cheekyjenng

Not-so-nice Christmas jumper…

What looks like a cute, if slightly gaudy, Christmas jumper loses a bit of innocence if you take a closer look at how Santa is, erm, ‘inscribing’ his message.

Accidentally Sent My Son To School With His Newly Bought Ugly Christmas Sweater. Didn't Realize What Santa Was Doing Until His Kindergarten Teacher Pointed It Out When I Picked Him Up After School

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Babies bounce.. don’t they?

I Took This Picture. The Baby Was Fine. I Still Get Hate Mail About It Occasionally, Even A Couple Of Years After The Fact

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Mixing up Photo Day with Pyjama Day

The look on this kid’s face says it all.

Mixed Up Pajama Day And Picture Day. Son Was Not Pleased

Via Reddit/KillerKenyan


Do you ever yearn for the good old days when kids fit around the lives of their parents, not the other way around?

The following photos prove that it’s never too early to start pulling your weight, whether as back cushions, portable laptop desks or crumb catchers.

via: fb-troublemakers.com

Via: fb-troublemakers.com

via: chucks-fun.blogspot.ca

Via: chucks-fun.blogspot.ca

via: reddit.com

Via: reddit.com

Mum I’d Like to…?

We’re not sure what this mum was thinking, but we hope she simply misunderstood the meaning of MILF.

Via Smosh

Wardrobe malfunction

Fashion these days… It’s daunting enough setting foot in a ‘young people’ clothing store with its loud music, scary mirrors and overly chirpy (or conversely, completely uninterested) 15-year-old shop assistants. Then you have to contend with having to guess whether that mystery material draped over the hanger is a scarf, boob tube or extremely tiny skirt.

So spare a thought for this parent struggling to understand ‘very young people’ fashion. And possibly getting it just a tad wrong…

When Your Dad Puts Your Swimsuit On Backwards And It Becomes A Different Kind Of Swimsuit

Via Instagram/stephnbrooks

To be fair, this one is more the Tooth Fairy’s fault

Via Instagram/masher31

Way TMI, mum

Mum will always have your back… even if you don’t want her to. 

Via Mommy Giggle 

In the interests of promoting species diversity… 

We always think of animal parents as being above ‘human error’.

While not parenting fails as such, here are some pictures of our animal friends which demonstrate that their parenting experiences are not always as flawless as we think.

I’m begging you, go the F to sleep.

Just Go To Sleep Already!

Via Bored Panda

Have babies, they said. It’s so enriching, they said.

Zoe Is So Excited To Be A New Mom!

Via Bored Panda

So tired. So, so tired.

Poor Mom Felt Asleep Just Like That

Via Bored Panda


…and we’ll show you ours. Promise!

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