The paper calendar: Still around and still awesome!


A brief history of the paper calendar

The paper calendar – including diaries and planners – boomed during the Industrial Revolution in the 1800s, when bosses and managers needed dedicated personnel to handle their busy schedules.

Planners, which were initially the domain of upper-class men, were increasingly being embraced for personal use by women and the working class. There was an aspirational element to this – being organised and purposefully planning for the future were seen as critical to success and moving up the social strata.


Surprisingly, paper calendars are continuing to thrive in this digital age. There are a few possible reasons for this;

  • The combination of aesthetics with functionality.
  • Simplicity. No need to open another tab, activate software or launch another app. Paper calendars and planners are straightforward and glitch-free.
  • That personalised feel. We want to feel that the instrument documenting our lives reflects our personality, goals and aspirations. Check out Stuck On You’s beautiful range of personalised calendars, journals and planners for individuals and families.

Don’t forget though, you don’t have to make a choice of paper vs digital. Both can peacefully coexist and complement each other. There can never be too much planning, right?

Types of calendars

Promotional calendars

Promotional calendars are designed to, well, promote something, whether it be a business, political party or charity. Quite often, these calendars are complimentary gifts to existing customers or dropped into mailboxes in the hope of attracting new customers.

Does anyone else have a fridge full of these?

Real estate calendar

Image from Pinterest

Who can forget these gems from McDonald’s? These colouring calendars were especially popular during the 80s in Australia, with each month coming with a colouring page as well as vouchers for free goodies. What better way for children to improve their fine motor skills and get free small fries at the same time?

McDonald's calendar

Image from Flickr

Pinup calendars

What better way to mark the passage of time than with some eye candy incentive? Here’s a fabulous fifties flashback…

Pinup girls calendar

Image from Flickr

One for the ladies…

Pinup boys calendar

Image from 

You don’t need to have traditional pinup looks to make a calendar these days. The movie Calendar Girls (about middle aged Yorkshire women who pose nude to raise money for cancer research) popularised the concept of ordinary people taking to the camera to produce a calendar. That means there’s something out there to suit a variety of tastes. Speaking of, here’s something else for the ladies…

Taxi drivers calendar

Image from Pinterest

They say sex sells, so many companies will mix business with pleasure. See below (no pun intended).

Chiko roll girls calendar

Image from ebay

Special interest calendars

These days, the pop-up calendar stands that appear towards Christmas have a calendar for just about every interest, however random.

Struggling for a good present for your mother-in-law? Since she has a cat and has probably gone to a yoga class at least once, why not give her something that combines these interests?

Yoga cats calendar

Image from Pinterest