Pancake Pornucopia


Today is Pancake Day Eve and we are celebrating by bringing you some pancake inspiration. But they’re not just easy on the eyes, these babies are also tasty and make-able.

Pancake donuts (or donut pancakes)

What happens when a pancake and a donut love each other very much? Repeatedly. This!

This recipe, by Cooking Classy, involves the usual pancake ingredient suspects with a touch of applesauce, plus a special glaze.  Pipe the mixture into the pan to make the donut shape.

Donut Pancake

Image and recipe: Cooking Classy

Doing heart flips

What a lucky coincidence that Pancake Tuesday and Valentine’s Day are only a day apart this year. So why not do a two-in-one? Nothing says romance like time efficiency!

This recipe, by Complete Recipes, requires the simple addition of some strawberries and sprinkles to help you dial up the romance.


Image via Pinterest

Seeing green

Speaking of two-in-one, it’s almost St Patrick’s Day too! Okay, not really. But you get the luxury of over a month to ‘practice’ making these super healthy yet delicious pancakes that contain spinach and banana.


Image and recipe: Louisiana Bride

Giant instant pot pancakes

Some of us aren’t born pancake flippers. I’m one of them. The kids are constantly (and probably sarcastically) complimenting my ‘scrambled pancakes’.

For others like me out there, this Japanese-style pancake recipe is sure to make you (not) flip. Typically made in a rice cooker, this version of the recipe uses the instant pot.

They may not look like typical pancakes but like pancakes, they are made up of milk, eggs, flour, baking powder and sugar. So it’s what’s on the inside that counts! Besides, it’s cool to be able to offer people a ‘slice of pancake’.

Giant Pot

Image and recipe: Kirbie’s Cravings

Pancake bar

Talk about well-stacked! The pancake bar is an awesome entertaining idea and it’s not as complicated as it looks. Four out of the five recipes are made in the oven, which saves the host time spent in the kitchen.

The elements of the bar are the mini pancake muffin tower, mini pancake stacks, sausage pancakes on a stick, sausage, egg and cheese pancake sliders and bacon strip pancakes. See the full recipes here. 

Pancake Bar

Image and recipes: Stephanie Lynn