Orientation Express

A picture of a mother comforting a child who is starting school

Do you have little ones who are starting school, preschool or childcare? Here’s some handy advice to help everyone survive. Starting school, preschool or childcare is a momentous occasion for both kids and parents. It’s quite possibly the first situation where they’ll have an extended period of time away from you; making sure they’re ready […]

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A picture of Stuck On You Flash Cards

A deck of flash cards is one of the best ways to start your child’s learning journey. We’ve got a ‘newsflash’ to explain why. Flash cards may sound a bit old-school in today’s device-obsessed landscape. Children are born into a world where we’re all genetically attached to our phones—so it only makes sense to favour […]

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The Mane Course

A picture of a cake made from unicorn recipes

Facing the surreal scenario of making unicorn-themed food? Never fear, we’ve got the top five unicorn recipes we could find! Unicorn recipes. Probably not something you ever predicted you’d need to know about. But as life chugs along, you start to reach a few realisations: things are just a little different to before you had […]

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The Unicorn Identity

A picture of a young girl dressed up that shows why kids adore unicorns so much.

Contemplating why your kids adore unicorns so much? We’ve got insight for you that is totally ‘on point’. Is there anything trendier than unicorns? The answer is both resounding and about as emphatic as a horn stuck to your head. No, there is absolutely nothing trendier than these fabled horses—and absolutely no question as to […]

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A Dinosure Thing

A picture of a dinosaur statue for the Stuck On You dinosaur quiz

Have you been trying to decide which prehistoric behemoth you are most like? Find out your spirit dinosaur with the Stuck On You dinosaur quiz! In a previous blog, we examined why your kids are SO obsessed with dinosaurs. Now it’s time to take things a step further with a dinosaur quiz tailored to your […]

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Tyrannosaurus Rep.

A picture of a child demonstrating why kids love dinosaurs

Ever wondered why your kids love dinosaurs so much? Here’s why the astounding creatures will never really be extinct in their eyes. Kids love dinosaurs: it’s a fact. It’s one of those phases that every child seems to go through at some point—and if you’re Ross from Friends—never goes away. If it’s not too long […]

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The Ball’s in Their Court

A picture of a child supporting sports teams

Are your kids into supporting sports teams? We’ve got a few great tips to make sure they do so in a healthy and respectful way. For most of us, watching sport and supporting sports teams is a huge part of our lives. We’re passionate, committed and a little insane about it—and with competitions on all […]

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Getting on Board

A picture of two children playing board games

Nowadays there are plenty of things competing for your children’s attention. We see why good old-fashioned board games still have a place amongst it all. Board games … seriously, does anyone still play them? When you’ve got the Internet, apps, video games and streaming services all fighting for the focus of our easily distracted children, […]

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Adventure Seekers

A picture of a fammily enjoying their weekend family adventure

There’s nothing quite like the excitement of a weekend family adventure. Take our quiz and find out which type best suits your family. Ahh, the weekend. Is there a better word in the English language? Okay, ‘Chocolate’ and ‘Catnap’ might give it a run for its money—but it’s hard to deny the appeal of those […]

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The Master Planner

A picture of a child writing to test digital vs paper planners

Paper planners vs digital? Here’s why technology isn’t always more effective than old-school stationery options. Nowadays we do pretty much everything on some kind of electronic device. Case-in-point: reading this article. Okay, maybe you printed it off, but that took TWO electronic devices—only proving the point further. Whether watching a series, doing the banking or […]

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