How the Bento revolution has transformed children’s mealtimes forever

A picture of Stuck On You Bento boxes that are part of the bento revolution

As we continue our month of celebrating the Stuck On You twenty-fifth anniversary, we look under the hood of one of our most popular products: the Bento Lunchbox. You’d be forgiven for thinking that packing a school lunch for your kids would be pretty straightforward. A peanut butter sandwich here and an apple there. Throw […]

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Stuck On You interviews amazing mothers: part two

A picture of the mothers day interview part two banner

It’s the second and final part of our series celebrating Mother’s Day 2020, and we have the rest of our amazing mothers interview! Last week, we spoke with Emma Hawkins and Sophie Vine about their lives as mothers, and this week we’ve got even more fantastic insight into what motherhood looks like in 2020. In […]

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1995–2020: twenty-five years and oh how we’ve grown!

A picture of the Stuck On You celebrates 25 years hero image

Happy birthday to us! It’s time for a trip down memory lane as we see where it all began and celebrate turning twenty-five years young! Generally, a quarter-life crisis is considered just that … a crisis. But for Stuck On You, we’re embracing our twenty-five-year milestone with gusto! That’s right, during the month of May […]

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Stuck On You interviews amazing mothers: part one

A picture of the mothers day interview part one banner

In the first of a two-part series celebrating Mother’s Day 2020, we chat with some inspirational and entrepreneurial women about what motherhood means to them! Let’s be honest, every day should be Mother’s Day! Our amazing mothers do so much for us and are integral to developing who we are, everything we do, and how […]

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Kids stuck at home? Exercise their brains with our free activities

A picture of the Stuck At Home webpage

It’s not just about maintaining children’s physical activity during home isolation, but also their minds with fun and creative play. Our Stuck At Home page is here to help with free activities for all ages and stages! The COVID-19 pandemic has certainly thrown a spanner in the works for parents with kids not attending school. […]

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Meet our magical new friends, Hygenie and Washing Wizard!

A picture of the SOY hygiene friends, Hygenie and Washing Wizard

Looking for a way to make hygiene fun and appealing for your kids? Stuck On You’s new best friends and their magical story can help! ‘Strict hygiene’ is the phrase on everyone’s lips at the moment. With the current state of the world, it’s just about all any of us can think about. We’ve got […]

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Jase Lydom explains how to keep kids active during home isolation

A picture of a gym owner who wants to keep kids active

We were lucky enough to have an exclusive chat with Jase Lydom, gym owner and Ninja Warrior. He shares his tips and tricks about keeping kids active and healthy when stuck at home. There’s no doubt the ongoing COVID-19 health crisis has made it far more difficult to keep kids active. When organised sport, swimming […]

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Take your Bento for a trip around the world with our School Lunchbox Dad

A picture of George Georgievski and his international Bentos

In an exclusive interview, we chat with the School Lunchbox Dad, George Georgievski, about international lunchbox inspiration for kids stuck at home! With the ongoing pandemic across the world, it’s hard enough to get the kids outside, let alone any further abroad. We’re all suddenly leading very insular and localised lives. But for children growing […]

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Having a pen pal can still be cool with our Monogram Postcards

A picture of the SOY Monogram Postcards

With social isolation so prominent at the moment, we’re championing the resurgence of pen pals with our Monogram Postcards. For better or worse, time is one thing we’ve all got more of right now. And without doubt, during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic we’re all trying to find new things to keep our minds occupied, new […]

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Family Easter recipes that are (mostly) healthy

A picture of SOY's favourite Easter Recipes

Easter can easily descend into a chocolate fest, but with the current situation of home isolation, it’s an opportunity to get creative and make it a fun day of cooking for the whole family! Easter isn’t really about cooking elaborate recipes. It’s about chocolate eggs, bunnies and hot cross buns. Oh, and time with the […]

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