Outside-the-Box Gift Ideas

Whether it’s Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, a birthday or a baby shower why not think out-of-the-box and give a gift that will have everyone talking. Here’s a few unique ideas to give you inspiration. If you’ve got a milestone of your own coming up, feel free to leave this page open on your laptop! *hint hint*

Concert tickets

What better way to treat yourself and a loved one at the same time? It shows that you have been paying attention to the bands, singers and performers that matter to them the most.

Overnight bag

Image: Vida Vida UK
Image: Vida Vida UK

This is something that everyone needs, even if they are not a regular traveller. A quality overnight bag can last a lifetime, and hold a lifetime of memories for the person using it. Whether it’s for the plane, train or a road trip an eye-catching overnight bag should be functional as well as stylish.

Leatherbound journal

For the writer or the dreamer. Make sure it’s small enough to fit inside a day bag, but just large enough so that they can sketch all their ideas inside.

Polaroid camera

Image: http://liquefaction.wix.com/homework/apps/blog/vintage-1980s-pink-polaroid-600-cool-cam
Image: Liquefaction

Kitsch, retro, vintage… whatever you want to call it. A Polaroid camera will never go out of style. Try and hunt down one of the originals or grab one of the stylish new updated versions. Don’t forget to add a few packets of film to go with it and a Sharpie to write all their memories on the bottom of the photo.

Hip flask

A timeless coming of age gift. Make sure it’s small enough to fit inside a back pocket or festival bag or find one in a quirky shape – it will become a great conversation starter at parties.

Esky or ice box

Add the chill factor to any gathering. There’s nothing worse than being “that person” at a party who has to put their drinks and BBQ meat into someone else’s Esky. A good quality one can last for ages, and makes camping a breeze.

Personalised pretties

Stuck On You personalised toiletry bag
Image: Stuck On You

Not to toot our own horn, but here at Stuck On You we have the most stylish range of personalised canvas bags on the market. Choose from tote bags, coin purses, toiletry bags (large and small) or a big canvas storage basket. Each one comes printed with your BFF’s name. How cute is that?

A drone

A really unique gift for people who love photography or film-making. This will add another layer to their hobby or take their craft in an exciting new direction

Photography or film editing short course

Why not get a group to chip in and combine the drone with a workshop so that your friend can make the most of their new toy? Find out what software they use, then book them into a local session.

Specialised cookbook

Image: Lemon Grass Design
Image: Lemon Grass Design

Is your friend vegan? A Nutella lover? Starting a paleo or gluten-free diet? Or particularly interested in Thai cuisine? Find them their perfect cooking bible and enrich their lives (and perhaps get invited to taste-test as a bonus!).

Laptop case

This is another essential item that people are reluctant to spend their hard earned money on. So you’ll often see people wearing expensive clothes and shoes but carrying a shabby smartphone case! Look online for a really stylish version that will enhance their look and save them from an expensive repair bill

Waterproof speakers

Portable and functional, speakers can set the perfect scene during any occasion

Waterproof playing cards

A really clever idea for someone who is about to head off on their on their first backpacking adventure and needs to travel light. A pack of cards can help anyone make friends in a new country and alleviate boredom on long plane rides.

Bedside lamp


Image: Life Creative
Image: Life Creative

Do you know how many amazing, cool, and insane lamps are available online and in stores? Find one that matches your loved one’s style and they will be grateful every time they switch off the light at bedtime.

Photo album

Bring back the beauty of the photograph and buy someone an album that they can keep for the rest of their lives. Don’t forget to include a photo of the two of you!

Feature image: Eye Spy Milk Bar