Transforming nutritious food for kids from a pipe dream into a reality

A picture showing lots of nutritious food for kids

We take a look at the objectives of Australia’s National Nutrition Week, along with easy ways to make nutritious food for kids appealing in your house.

It’s National Nutrition Week in Australia and it got us thinking, funnily enough, about nutritious food for kids. What are the odds!

There’s plenty of nutritious food for kids out there. But the conundrum is convincing your kids to eat any of it and then actually come back for more.

There is good news though! It doesn’t have to be a magic trick more difficult than pulling a rabbit out of a hat (and we know that, as a parent, you know a thing or two about magic tricks).

These days, getting your hands on lots of nutritious food for kids is pretty easy. Making your littlies excited about eating it is surprisingly not so difficult either; it’s all in the sales pitch!

About National Nutrition Week

National Nutrition Week is an annual event run by Nutrition Australia. It raises awareness “around the role of food on our health.”

It also promotes a yearly campaign called Tryfor5, which is aimed at “encouraging Australians to increase their vegetable consumption to the recommended five serves per day”.

The website is full of great vegetable recipes, tips on how to use vegetables sustainably, and a whole section focused on kids and vegetables.

It also has links to the websites of lots of celebrity chefs including Stuck On You ambassador, George Georgievski, whose aim is to inspire parents “that it’s easy to pack healthy and nutritious school lunches for our children.”

Lead by example and persevere

But let’s get into some quick tips for encouraging your kids with nutritious food.

The first one is pretty simple: lead by example. Kids love to imitate, so if you can show how much you love all your fruits and vegetables (whether it really is all of them), then your little ones are going to at least try and follow suit.

Which leads to our second tip: persevere. Children may not initially like certain nutritious foods. But if you can offer it to them in different forms and at alternative times, then practice can make perfect.

A picture of a child eating a piece of watermelon

Dress it up

That perseverance we mentioned may have to go beyond repeated attempts at offering food in its basic form. You may need to get a little creative.

Now, ‘creative’ doesn’t necessarily mean significant amounts of effort or time (because, frankly, who has much of either these days); it simply means presenting food in interesting ways to entice kids into giving something new a red-hot go.

Even if you don’t consider yourself particularly creative, there’s this lovely little thing called the internet that has limitless ideas.

We also regularly publish fun and healthy food ideas on this very blog. Start with a couple of our favourites like these healthy animal-themed recipes and these healthy prank snacks. Or simply turn food into engaging shapes with our Bento Accessories set.

Personalise the eating experience

Of course, you can make nutritious food for kids an even more appealing proposition by serving it up in a personalised Stuck On You product or two!

From Bentos in accompanying Cooler Bags, Food Jars for any food in any season, easy-to-use cutlery, or any of our other awesome personalised products, your reluctant eaters will quickly turn into mini gourmets!

A picture of a Stuck On You Bento

Check out the website for the full range of products to help with nutritious food for kids. If you have any further questions about any of our products, then please contact us. You can get in touch via phone on 1800 645 849, email at, or on our Facebook page!

Posted by: Carrie Felton

Owner of Stuck on You, Penny Scallan Design, Golly Gosh and The SOY Group @ home