The new year means a fresh start and renewed hope for everyone

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We made it! The new year is here and we’re excited. We’ve got great things planned in 2021 and can’t wait to reveal them all. Here are some hints…

Shall we all just agree to put 2020 down as a bad dream? Excellent! In that case, welcome to 2021! It’s a year we all hope will be filled with better news, a return to some semblance of normality, and all sorts of other great, fuzzy feeling-type things. For Stuck On You, the new year brings lots of optimism about fresh beginnings, new products for you, and lots of other cool surprises!

Now, some of these we can tell you about and some, well, we have to keep a secret just for now. But trust us, you’ll want to stick with Stuck On You in 2021…

Back to school (for real this time)

Without a doubt, school life looked a little different for the whole world last year. In Australia, children are preparing to go back to school in a few weeks and, hopefully, it’ll stay that way.

For this back-to-school period, we’re all systems go. We’re encouraging all students to be prepared for anything by having their names on everything. And when we say everything, we mean EVERYTHING!

Now that we’re all aware of just how important it is to avoid sharing too many items as a way of preventing cross-contamination, labelling just became a whole lot more valuable.

Starting off with our range of labels, we have a solution for everything you can think of. Our Iron-On Labels are perfect for every item of clothing in your child’s school uniform. We even have Shoe Labels for their footwear too!

Stick-On Labels will go on just about everything else, and if you want the quickest labelling solution, try our Permanent Self-Inking Stamp, that now also comes in a mini version!

Then of course there is the rest of our huge range of personalised products! Bentos, Drink Bottles, Food Jars, Bags, Stationery and much more! Send your kids back to school with safety and style in 2021.

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New products

As well as the Mini Self-Inking Stamp, we’re also introducing another great option for labelling clothing in the form of brand-new Snappy Tags!

These are gorgeous buttons that snap onto the tags of clothing with ease via the handy ‘Snapplicator’. There’s no need for sticking, ironing or ink!

Other new products include a bigger variety of Bag Tag options including wood and glitter, as well as Positivity Wristbands with uplifting messages kids can carry with them wherever they go.

We’re also launching new Value Packs and have a few other surprises planned we know you’re going to love!

A picture of new year products from Stuck On You

Another awesome collaboration

We were thrilled to launch the Bluey™ and Hey Duggee™ ranges in 2020. They included everyone’s favourite blue heeler and The Squirrel Club gang on everything from Labels to Bento Lunch Boxes, Bags and more!

Well, in 2021 we have another collaboration that we’re equally excited about! We can’t reveal any more just yet, but stay tuned for huge news soon…

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Stick with us—we’re confident 2021 is going to be a year to remember! If you have any questions about our back-to-school range or any other products, then please get in touch. You can reach us via email at, or on our Facebook page.


Posted by: Carrie Felton

Owner of Stuck on You, Penny Scallan Design, Golly Gosh and The SOY Group @ home