Nesting tips for Baby #1

Style By Emily Henderson_hero

Nesting. It’s inevitable. One day you’re sitting on the couch watching a Project Runway marathon and enjoying the freedom of maternity leave. The next you’re scrubbing the edges of light switches with a cotton bud.

The nesting instinct is strong. And it’s not just a human thing. It only makes sense that a mama bird (or whatever) wants to organise her surroundings in time for a new arrival. But where to start? If you’re in the midst of a nesting spree, here are some things you might want to pop on the list:

Stock up on food essentials

Image: Monika Hibbs
Image: Monika Hibbs

Those first few days (weeks, months) of being stuck at home with a newborn are wonderful, but very demanding.  When you’re not busy feeding the baby, you’ll (hopefully) be catching up on some sleep. There’s very little time for popping out to the shops and grabbing a few essentials. It’s important to keep your energy up and try not to skip meals. So make sure your fridge, freezer and pantry are stocked with long-life snacks. Biscuits, zucchini slice and muffins all freeze well, and can be defrosted in the microwave whenever you feel peckish. Freeze a few loaves of bread and make yourself a cheese toastie. Stock the pantry with wholegrain bikkies, rice crackers, pretzels, dried fruit, cereal (nothing wrong with a bowl of Weetbix in the middle of the day!) and healthy popcorn. Make sure there is always cheese, dip, yogurt, fruit and vegetables in the fridge.

Organise the kitchen, bathrooms and bedrooms

You’ll be shuffling between these three locations on auto-pilot, and the last thing you need is to be rummaging through drawers and cupboards looking for stuff you need. Feel free to go overboard, and start sorting your essentials into plastic tubs, Tupperware containers, baskets and canisters. Write On Labels from Stuck On You will become a lifesaver, and you can go crazy with a Sharpie labelling everything clearly enough that you’ll be able to identify it on less than three hours sleep.  It will also help family members who have come to assist you, as they won’t need to disturb you in order to help get the house tidied.

Put down the vacuum cleaner!

That’s right, put the vacuum cleaner down. Thaaaat’s it. Nice and easy. No sudden movements. Sometimes the urge to clean can spiral out of control, and you find yourself in a permanent state of vacuuming, washing, re-washing, re-vacuuming and cleaning between the bathroom tiles with a toothbrush. It’s all very well, this nesting lark, but you have a very big day coming up it could arrive at any moment! So remember to channel at least some of that excess energy into your reserves for now; you’ll soon be needing it.

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