Nailing the school drop-off outfit


If your house is anything like mine, the morning school routine usually involves preparing lunches, signing permission slips, finding lost shoes and ironing shirts. The last thing on your mind is finding something to wear when you drop the kids off!

Sure, it’s easy to throw a hoodie over your pajamas and scurry out of the house (we’ve all been there!) but that usually means you have to race straight back home after dropping the kids off. If you’re dressed and ready to face the day, you might find yourself saying “yes” to that spontaneous coffee date with other parents. Or feeling productive enough to get a head start on your errands.

Oh, and obviously this doesn’t apply to the super-mums who have to get their kids ready for school and then head straight to work afterwards!

Here are a few handy tips for putting together a comfy, casual outfit you can confidently throw on each morning.

Footwear come first

Image: Merrick's Art
Image: Merrick’s Art

Comfort is king when it comes to the school drop-off. You don’t want to be breaking in a new pair of leather sandals or breaking an ankle in your fave heels. Stick to a pair of comfy kicks (you can’t go past Cons for this), ballet flats or a pair of thongs – perfect for racing after a runaway child.

Grab the gym gear (even if your membership has expired!)

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with chucking on the gym gear when you have no intention of actually going to the gym afterwards. You’d be surprised how many others have cottoned onto this trick! Gym gear is comfortable and casual, and you never know…you might actually feel inspired to take a nice long walk after the school run (obviously stopping for a coffee on the way!).

Accessorise, accessorise, accessorise

Image: Tigerlilly Quinn
Image: Tigerlilly Quinn

You can’t go past a big scarf, coat, hat or sunnies to cover up all manner of sins. Pop on a pair of black leggings and a black T-shirt, throw a few accessories over the top and you’re good to go!

Master the 3-step face

No, you do not need a full face of makeup for the school run. In fact, I am impressed by anyone who has time to do that while attempting to get the kids off to school! Even when I was working full-time I still had to do my makeup in the toilets at work! However, if you can grab ten minutes to look in the mirror while the kids are scoffing brekky, you can easily master a quick routine. In my opinion, you can’t go past a tinted moisturiser/mascara/lipgloss combo for an instant pick-me-up.

Ditch the dress

Image: This Mom's Gonna Snap
Image: This Mom’s Gonna Snap

In my experience, getting kids out of the car can quickly turn into a game of “how many bags can mum carry?”. While they’re fumbling with seatbelts, re-tying shoelaces and shoving one another into the back of the passenger seat, I’m usually grabbing every bag I can get my hands on. I learnt very quickly that wearing a dress in this situation can end in disaster. Yes, I was that mum who walked to the school gate with her dress tucked into the straps of the two backpacks I was wearing, granny panties on display for everyone to see! Trust me, stick with jeans, a denim skirt or shorts.

So there you go. It’s as easy as that! Please let me reiterate that it 100% does not matter what you wear when dropping your kids off at school. There’s no need to feel pressure or anxiety about how you look, this post is simply meant as a helpful way to kickstart your day if you’re stuck in a rut.

Feature image: Dress Like a Mum

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  1. Thanks for your amazing inspiration George! It’s such a shame that most of the food you prepare your amazing lunches with comes with so much plastic waste. Let’s hope families understand their responsibility in recycling ALL plastics (hard or soft) so it doesn’t burden our planet heron 🙂

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