Move house without losing your mind

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If you’re lucky (or unlucky!) enough to be moving house at this busy time of the year, we feel you! It’s hot. All your mates are off on holidays instead of being available to help. The kids are running rampant. And did we mention that it’s hot?!

Sit down, take a load off and read our quick guide to moving house without losing your mind. It might save you a few headaches in the long run!

Supplies, supplies and more supplies

I cannot stress thing one enough. You are 100% going to need more boxes than you think. You can honestly never have too many! It’s all the last-minute things that you don’t count on – bedding, cleaning supplies and clothes. Make sure you’ve got plenty of packing tape to secure the boxes, bubble wrap and newspaper to protect your fragile goods.

Pack by colours

Grab some coloured stickers and use these to help you remember which box goes in which room. For example, green for the kitchen, orange for bathrooms, yellow for bedrooms etc. You can get super clever and pop a sticker on the light switch in each room so that the movers know which box goes where.


Use what you’ve got

Make the most of all those canvas shopping bags piled up in the bottom of your pantry. Grab all your suitcases, backpacks and duffle bags to use in place of boxes. Fill them with items you might need in a hurry because a familiar bag is much easier to spot in a crowded house than a random box.

Make it personal

Give everyone in the house a “personal” box to fill with all their first-night essentials. Clearly mark the box with their name, and ask everyone to fill it with the things they’ll need right away. It might be bedding, towels, tech chargers, extension cords, tissues, toiletry bag, PJs or whatever. You should also have a generic “Essentials” box of things you’ll need on the first night: cleaning supplies, toilet paper, garbage bags, light bulbs, chargers and (my personal favourite) some pot noodles!

Image: BBC
Image: BBC

Avoid packing in garbage bags

Sure, garbage bags are big and sturdy but they can also be easily confused with rubbish! To avoid having your belongings thrown out by mistake, it’s best to only use garbage bags for the purpose they were intended.

Find a babysitter and/or petsitter for moving day

Never move with animals and children! Do yourself a favour and ask someone to mind your kids on busy moving day. They might feel overwhelmed with movers coming in and out of the house all day, and can often be more of a hindrance than a help. Pets can also get stressed or traumatised by the move, so maybe ask someone to mind your pets if you can’t give them your full attention on the day.

Make some extra cash

Don’t simply chuck all your unwanted items out before moving them to the new abode. Once you’ve had a full clean-out, why not hold a little garage sale (or better yet, get the kids to set one up!) or pop them on Gumtree or eBay and make some extra cash. Sell them before you move it all to the new house to save yourself some cash on the removal quote!

Feature image: Origin Energy