Celebrate Mother’s Day 2020 with our exclusive new Bento and Card!

A picture of the SOY Mother's Day Bento

Mother’s Day 2020 has taken on a strange complexion with the difficulties the world is facing. But even if you can’t visit or celebrate together, you can still spoil your mother with our exclusive new Bento and Card!

Celebrating mothers is a unique experience for every one of us. But with the difficulties of COVID-19, Mother’s Day 2020 may be more unusual than unique.

Even though many of the typical Mother’s Day traditional get-togethers or celebrations are off the table in 2020, it doesn’t mean we’re completely out of options when it comes to acknowledging our mothers and all the amazing things they do for us!

History is her story

Like so many holidays, the tradition of Mother’s Day goes back a long, long way. All the way, in fact, to an intriguing beginning in ancient history.

The bizarre thing is that these original conceptions (pun intended) didn’t really have anything to do with how we think of Mother’s Day or even motherhood for that matter.

The ancient Greeks and Romans hosted festivals to honour the mother goddesses. While the United Kingdom and Europe went to the “mother church” for a special service.

As it moved away from having religious connotations, different nationalities would celebrate it in different ways and at alternative times of the year.

But in plenty of countries these days, Mother’s Day is a chance to bestow mothers with gifts, flowers and mildly inappropriate greeting cards about how mums don’t need gifts because they already have kids—‘the greatest gift of all.’ Cheeky.

A picture of the SOY Mother's Day Card


There’s no doubting this year’s Mother’s Day is going to be different for so many people right around the world. Most of us won’t be able to visit for a family lunch or dinner, or even just a quick pop-in for a hug.

But we live in an age of technology where we can still make contact and see each other’s smiling faces. The only catch could be the guests of honour using the technology.

Okay, we’re playing on the stereotype here just a bit, but if we know anything about our mothers, it’s that a video call may result in the following:

  • No one being able to hear anything said as she talks over you;
  • Having sore ears as she thinks she needs to scream at the computer; or
  • Only seeing the top of her head because she hasn’t quite figured out the webcam yet.

If you’re really lucky, you may get a combination of all three! But be gentle and remember everything your mother has done for you.

Actually, your time would be far better spent choosing a special Mother’s Day present designed exclusively by Pete Cromer for Stuck On You!

A picture of the SOY Mother's Day Bento options

Bird’s-eye view

We’re really excited to partner with Pete, a contemporary Australian artist based in the Colac Otway region of Victoria.

His work is renowned for its signature bursts of glowing colour and beautiful textures, all reflected in his vivid collages, paintings and sculptures.

His resume is an impressive one, with clients and collaborations that include the likes of Disney, Anthropologie, Crate and Barrel, Maxwell and Williams, Sunbeam, Hallmark Cards, Ertswilder, and Frankie Magazine.

As Pete says, his work is a “bold and playful collection inspired by the optimistic personalities in people and wildlife.”

One of Pete’s designs will be available on a limited edition run of five hundred Bentos. These are exclusive to Stuck On You and specially designed for Mother’s Day.

The design is also available on an exclusive Mother’s Day Card you can personalise with a photo, name and message.

We’re simply blown away by the beauty captured in this image, depicting a mother bird alongside her baby. Thanks so much to Pete Cromer!

Get in quickly so you don’t miss out on these special products and the rest of our Mother’s Day range.

Much love from Stuck On You to all the mothers out there!

A picture of the SOY Mother's Day range of products

How will your family be celebrating Mother’s Day 2020? What do you think of our exclusive Pete Cromer Bento and card? Let us know on Facebook!