Stuck On You interviews amazing mothers: part two

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It’s the second and final part of our series celebrating Mother’s Day 2020, and we have the rest of our amazing mothers interview!

Last week, we spoke with Emma Hawkins and Sophie Vine about their lives as mothers, and this week we’ve got even more fantastic insight into what motherhood looks like in 2020.

In our second instalment, we are lucky enough to discuss motherhood with Rebecca Little—digital creator and mother to three girls, and Eleesha Quinn—an influencer who is also a mother of three girls. We sure do love us some female power!

Once again, we asked how life changed for them as mothers, what they love about being mothers, how they perceive their own mothers now, and how they hope their own kids will see them in the future.

Stuck On You: What changed for you when you became a mother?

Rebecca: So many things have changed for me since becoming a mother. I am a mum of three beautiful girls: Charlotte, five; Florence, nineteen months; and Penelope, also nineteen months.
It truly is something that no one can ever prepare you for. Motherhood has made me a better person, and it is one of my biggest blessings in life. I am more mindful, compassionate, joyful, patient, appreciative and grateful. It is the most challenging—yet most rewarding—job I’ve ever had. I count my lucky stars every day they chose me.

Eleesha: Quiet moments. I never realised how much I enjoyed being able to do ANYTHING with no noise. I didn’t expect kids to be so noisy.

Stuck On You: What is your favourite thing about being a mum?

Rebecca: My favourite thing about being a mother is seeing three happy girls at the end of each day. I love watching them learn and grow. The joy they see in the little things! Realising they really are the big things.
Oh, and I can’t forget the cuddles, slobbery kisses, the love notes, the smiles and the giggles! Who am I kidding … my list could go on forever!

Eleesha: Watching little parts of yourself come through in your children. Laughing to yourself thinking: “I’ve totally met my match here.”

A picture of Rebecca Little and her family
Image: Rebecca Little with her family (@rebeccalittle_)

Stuck On You: What do you appreciate now more than ever of what your mum did for you growing up?

Rebecca: What couldn’t this woman do? My mum was a single mum to my sisters and me; I appreciate that she always put us first regardless of how hard times were.
Our childhood was filled with love and joy. Mum was calm, kind, caring, considerate, gentle and above all, selfless.

Eleesha: All the hot meals on the table and clean washing folded in my cupboard. All those little things you take for granted as a child.
My mum worked full-time and made being a mum look like a breeze. It’s NOT. I thank her every day for all those times I bet she wanted to quit and just say: “to hell with the washing.” She never did.

Stuck On You: What do you hope your children think of you when they get older?

Rebecca: My hope is that they know I did everything I could possibly do to help them thrive and strive to their fullest potential. I hope they know how much they are loved.

Eleesha: While I worshipped the ground my mother walked on, as a child I remember wishing she would just stop with the housework and come and have fun with us. I’m trying really hard to find a happy medium between it all. I want my girls to remember the fun moments with me.

A picture of Eleesha Quinn and her family
Image: Eleesha Quinn with her family (@the.quinn.girls)

A huge thanks to Rebecca and Eleesha for their thoughts on Motherhood, and don’t forget to check out our Mother’s Day range for 2020!

Let us know what motherhood means to you on this post on our Facebook page. And of course, happy Mother’s Day to all the wonderful mothers out there!