Stuck On You interviews amazing mothers: part one

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In the first of a two-part series celebrating Mother’s Day 2020, we chat with some inspirational and entrepreneurial women about what motherhood means to them!

Let’s be honest, every day should be Mother’s Day! Our amazing mothers do so much for us and are integral to developing who we are, everything we do, and how we see the world!

To celebrate just how special mums are, Stuck On You chased down some high-profile and go-getting women to chat to them about motherhood.

We asked how life changed for them as mothers, what they love about being mothers, how they perceive their own amazing mothers now, and how they hope their own kids will see them in the future.

In the first of two special blog instalments, we have Emma Hawkins—witty and practical entrepreneur who founded Homegrown Kids and has collaborated with the likes of Yellowglen, Woolmark and Wattle Health; along with Sophie Vine—a former contestant on The Block and owner of the online store of sustainable products, Vines of the Wild.

Stuck On You: What changed for you when you became a mother?

Emma: Absolutely everything. I experienced love like I never knew and also experienced worry like I never knew.
After three years and two babies, that constant feeling of worry is balancing itself out, thank goodness. No doubt when my girls are older it will come back even bigger!

Sophie: In one word … everything! But I suppose the biggest thing for me was that my priorities completely changed; things that used to seem important just aren’t anymore.

Stuck On You: What is your favourite thing about being a mum?

Emma: Watching them do things for the first time. Their first steps, a new word, a new roleplay, a new interest. It’s fascinating and fills us with so much joy.

Sophie: Watching my children grow and learn something new every day. Seeing everything through their fresh eyes really makes me slow down and relive the incredible wonders of the world I have taken for granted. They make me appreciate my time here on earth, instead of just trying to rush through it.

A picture of Emma Hawkins and her family
Image: Emma Hawkins with her family (@emmahawkins_)

Stuck On You: What do you appreciate now more than ever of what your mum did for you growing up?

Emma: She was always available for us when we were little and still now that we are older with our own kids.
A mother’s love is unconditional. No matter what I do or what mistakes I make, I know that my mum will love me unconditionally as I will love my girls.

Sophie: Oh my goodness, so much. Probably how many sleepless nights she must have had, either settling us kids as babies or being up when we were sick, or just with worry—all of it! And the laundry, so much laundry she must have done with four kids, especially because she used cloth nappies!

Stuck On You: What do you hope your children think of you when they get older?

Emma: I hope they see a strong, smart and independent woman who is never afraid to speak her mind and always stays true to herself and beliefs.

Sophie: That I loved them fiercely and unconditionally. That I made them feel safe, comforted and confident enough to take risks but knew I would be there whenever they needed.
Hopefully, they’ll think I taught them things that were important. Not just life skills like how to cook pasta (haha), but strong values of kindness and compassion as well as how to pursue their passions, use their creativity, and stay close to nature … all the things really!

A picture of Sophie Vine and her family
Image: Sophie Vine with her family (@sophie_vine)

Thanks to Emma and Sophie for their time and insight, and make sure to check out our exclusive Mother’s Day Range!

Stay tuned for part two of our interviews with amazing mothers Rebecca Little and Eleesha Quinn next week!