Mid-summer boredom busters!

Cheerful family

We’re half way through summer, a time when as parents, we begin to hear the words “I’m bored” a lot more.  Thankfully, we’ve put together a list of things you can do with the kids when the boredom bug bites.

Search for kid-friendly summer events

Summer is the best time to enjoy community outings. No matter where you are, there’s always something going on. Better yet, a lot of these events are not only fun, but free! Many communities organise activities. Catch an outdoor movie screening with the kids or visit a farmer’s market and let them pick out fruit, veggies and treats! Museums, national parks and even bowling alleys offer “free” days or free entrance for kids during the summer. Check out community websites and newspapers around the area for event calendars, and start planning an outing with the kids!

Smiling beard man and his daughter buying groceries on outdoor stand.

Go on a picnic

Organise a picnic in the park, the beach, or even in your own back yard! The idea is to make something exciting out of an activity as simple as lunch. Encourage the kids to help you prepare the food. Pack everything into our fun, personalised Bento Boxes, to ensure that the food arrives fresh at the picnic site. Take a pack of cards to play with, and a Frisbee or a ball to throw around. Don’t forget sunblock, bug spray, and their Stuck on You water bottles with plenty of water to keep hydrated!

Cheerful family devoting time to picnic together on weekends

Make a scavenger hunt

A simple outing can turn into a fun and exciting adventure for kids. Anyone can do this activity, whether they’re in a city or somewhere surrounded by nature. What matters is that you use the opportunity to get them to explore and learn something new. Make the scavenger hunt simple, with up to 10 clues or objects they should find. Of course, this is intended for them to be always accompanied by an adult. They can carry their Stuck on You personalised journals to write down what they see as they go!

Picture taken during playing in treasure hunt.

Create something together

When we were young, our grandfather used to get all his grandkids together and have us create a play. After a couple of days of planning, costume making and inevitable fighting over who got the better parts, we’d put on a show for the whole family. It was fun, silly and kept us busy, which our parents were very thankful for. Having the kids work on a fun project, whether it’s setting up a play, making a video, or even something like starting their own garden, allows them to immerse themselves in something fun and stimulating. Ask them what they’d like to do or if they have any ideas in mind, and help them see these through.

Little girls dressed in theatrical costume laughing and smiling together.