Make Your Kids’ Uniforms Last Longer with These Simple Hacks

Make Your Kids’ Uniforms Last Longer with These Simple Hacks

School uniform name tags

While school uniforms do make the daily grind of getting dressed for school a little simpler, they can be pricey to purchase and replace once they start to wear out.

If you’ve found that your kids’ school uniforms are needing to be replaced before they grow out of them, it’s time to find a better way. Believe it or not, there are a few simple changes you can make to ensure each uniform piece lasts at least twice as long.

Let’s take a look at these easy hacks!

1: Cut Out the Sunshine

Hanging uniforms out to dry in the sun can cause a great deal of damage.

Direct sunlight weakens fabric, causing the threads to degrade and the colours to fade. This damage makes uniforms look dingy and also causes them to be more prone to holes and tears.

So, be sure to only hang your children’s school uniforms outside in sunlight for limited amounts of time. Where possible, dry them indoors.

2: Don’t Lose the Pieces!

The surest way to need to replace part of your child’s school uniform is if a piece or two goes missing. Often, this happens when kids change at a friends’ house or before sports practice. It’s easy to grab the wrong item when they all look the same!

An easy way to avoid this is to use school name tags and sew them into each piece of the uniform. Even if someone accidentally takes your child’s clothing home with them, it’s sure to turn up thanks to your school name tags.

3: Follow Label Wash Instructions

This tip may seem a little obvious, but it’s surprisingly easy to forget – and it can make all the difference.

The label instructions will tell you the best method to not just keep uniforms clean, but also prolong their use. Especially, if the cleaning instructions indicate to avoid hot washes or tumble drying, it’s easy to ignore – but those directions are there for good reason! Jackets and blazers often need to be laid flat rather than hung to dry, and dark or brightly coloured pieces should have cool washes and be hung to dry away from any direct sunlight.

4: Set Up The “Change and Hang” Routine

Help your child get into the habit of changing out of their school uniform and hanging it up as soon as they get home.

Playing in their uniform is sure to cause unnecessary damage, and hanging the uniform up rather than throwing it on the ground or folding it will cause less damage to the fibres. All of this will help the uniform last longer!

5: Turn It Out!

While not all care instructions tell you to do this, a great way to help shirts and blazers keep their colour is to turn them inside out when doing any washing. That way, any abrasive, extra wear that takes place in the washer will more directly affect the inside rather than the outside of the shirt.

6: Rotate Underpieces

If your child’s uniform has underpieces such as a button up shirt, buy extra of these to begin with and rotate through them as much as possible. While this is a bigger investment up front, it will save you time and money in the long run.