Lunchbox Notes for First Day of School!

Stuck on You Lunchbox Notes

In a recent blog post we shared 10 tips to help prepare for the first day of school. One of those tips is to pop a little note into your child’ss school lunchbox, so they know you are thinking of them throughout the day.

At Stuck on You ® we are excited to launch our new personalised Lunchbox Notes.

These handy personalised notes let you send a little love in your Lunchbox, and ease kids into the new school year.

Each pack contains 40 Lunchbox Notes, 20 personalised and 20 non-personalised with a mixture of inspirational, playful and loving little messages.

Each message is printed on the cutest patterned cards. You can choose from boy or girl designs and personalise yours online at Stuck On You.

The backs are blank so you can add your own message, reminding them about who’s picking them up or to go to After School Care. 

We’d love to hear about any creative ways you use your Lunchbox Notes in the comments below. What message do you send to your kids in their Lunchbox?

View the Stuck On You Lunchbox Notes

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