The coolest lunch box hacks

These lunch box hacks are perfect for the daycare, kinder, or school lunchboxes. But they also work just as well over the school holidays- for example, vacation care and road trip snacks.

Apple slices

This is an easy way to keep the apple from going brown in the lunch box (and far less messy and time-consuming than the ol’ lemon juice trick!) Simply slice the apple, put it back together, then use a thick rubber band to hold the pieces in place.

Lunch box hacks - Apple

Image and instructions: Helicopter Mom

Frozen Orange

Frozen oranges are a delicious treat to have in the lunch box and perfect for the summer weather.

Slice the orange in half, hold the two pieces together with elastic and then freeze it in a freezer-safe bag. In the morning, put it in your child’s’ lunch box with a teaspoon and tea towel (so their hands don’t get too cold).

Tip: The orange will also keep the rest of their lunch cool.

Lunch box hacks - Orange
Image: Flickr

Message on a banana

This one is so cool. Use a toothpick to write a secret message to your child on the banana skin. As the banana starts to brown, the message will be revealed!


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Butterfly snacks

Not only are these clever and pretty, you can also save on packaging if you put two different types of snacks in each ‘wing’. All you need is some wooden clothes pegs, multicoloured ink pad (to press the peg against), black marker and some silver chenille pipe cleaners for the antennae.

Lunch box hacks - Butterfly

Image and instructions: Clicky Chick Creates

In wraptures!

How about this for a cute surprise? Wrap the lunch up in gift wrap for their birthday or just as a pick-me-up if you know they’ll be having a difficult day.

Olde worlde wisdom tells us that it’s what’s on the outside that counts, and to always judge a book by its cover. Or maybe not. But when it comes to kids, packaging can make the difference between an eaten and an uneaten lunch. A totes legit scientific study found that children were significantly more likely to choose broccoli over chocolate if their broccoli had an Elmo sticker on it.

So use the right package and your kiddies will gleefully gobble up your gherkin and sprouts sandwich (maybe).

Lunch box hacks - Present

Image: Happy Home Fairy

Taco bento!

Kids will love making their own tacos! This would work perfectly in a Stuck On You Bento Box. 

It’s as easy as it looks. Throw in some shredded chicken breast, half a mashed avocado, shredded cheese, corn kernels, sour cream and soft wrap (use cookie cutter to achieve the small round shape).

Lunch box hacks - Taco

Image: School Lunch Box

Want to make your Bentos pop? Click on the picture below and listen to George Georgievski from School Lunch Box as he provides some awesome tips and tricks for Bento preparation.