Lunchbox Ideas – No More Sandwiches

Free Printable Lunchbox ideas - no more sandwiches

Need some Lunchbox Ideas?

Are your kids tired of sandwiches? Do you need some lunchbox inspiration for school?

There is plenty of sandwich-free lunchbox inspiration in the third and final post in our Lunchbox Inspiration series.

From rice cakes to pasta, there are plenty of options available to mix up the daily lunch, and keep in sandwich free, and work great with the Stuck On You personalised Bento Box. All of these wonderful ideas were given to us by our fabulous Stuck on You Facebook fans.

We gathered them all together and made this super cool infographic as a free printable for you to stick on the fridge or in your handbag.

Free Printable Lunchbox ideas - no more sandwiches

Download our Lunchbox Ideas Free Printable

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