Sparking Your Kids’ Creativity at an Early Age

A picture showing kids' creativity seen in a drawing

Kids’ creativity is critical—this is how you can ensure that you spark it in them as early as possible.

This guest article about sparking kids’ creativity is courtesy of Cloe Matheson. Cloe is a creative writer from Dunedin, New Zealand, who has penned articles for various blogs and business sites such as Plumbing PlusWhen she isn’t writing, Cloe enjoys working on DIY decor projects for her home. Discover more of Cloe’s work on Tumblr.

How often can you claim to have defeated a screen in the battle for your children? Sparking your kids’ creativity can require a step outside of the box for both you and your child. Be adventurous and willing to go the extra mile! Keep reading to find out more on how to achieve your goal of sparking your kids’ creativity.


Take the kids to new places!

Take your kids to a new place and make an adventure out of it! Make sure wherever you go, it will be of interest to your kids. If your child is curious about animals, then a local zoo or aquarium will be a great way to spark their creativity. Your kids will see animals that they will otherwise not see in the country or on a farm.

Zoos and Aquariums can provide brochures with interesting facts about the animals, which makes it a learning experience! There are even opportunities for your children to interact with animals. The zoos and aquariums will ensure that this is done safely for both your child and the animals.

Museums are also a great way to spark kids’ creativity. These tend to have the added bonus of being run publicly, so they are often free! Here your children will see a range of different topics from history and culture to sport and science!

There is a genuine interest to be found for everyone at a museum. Even as a parent, you are bound to find something that interests you! You can even keep tabs on local events, and look out for exciting opportunities your kids might be interested in.


Having a space for creativity

Is there an area in your home where your kids can express their creativity? There’s no point trying to encourage creativity if they can’t exercise it! Try to make sure there is a spot where your children are encouraged to draw, paint and design.

For an easy clean-up, you can have mats to avoid messes on the floor, as well as aprons for your children to wear. Encourage your kids to use their imagination and try new styles and designs!

A close-up picture of people painting to spark kids' creativity


Giving kids the tools to succeed

Your kids also need resources to express their creativity! Paint-brushes, felt-tips, colouring-kits and paper all make great birthday presents. They are a fail-safe gift and kids will always be excited to try out their new gear!

These can be expensive, but there are also cheaper options at your local department and dollar stores. So, shop around to fit these within your budget!


Support your child!

Parents play a more vital role in their kids’ interests than they are aware of. If you are supportive of your child’s creative ideas, they will enjoy it more. They often make things to please you, and it is important that you play the part to encourage their creative behaviours!

Your kids will also love it if you join in. Help them to paint and draw and give gentle suggestions to help steer them! Working on a project with your child also works as a bonding experience. Encouraging creativity has so many benefits that go beyond expanding your child’s mind!


A close-up picture of a child pouring paint onto a palette to spark kids' creativity


Enrol your kids in classes

It is important that after your kids have found their creative interests that you foster them! A brilliant way to do this is by finding local classes through a school or community centre.

These classes will help your kids to hone and improve their creative skills! This will work to further improve their enjoyment as they see their skill grow. They will also make new friends with similar interests and set them down a path for happiness in their creativity.


Foster your own creativity

Every child-raising book will tell you that what monkey sees, monkey does. Logically, it is important that you show your child how creative you are as a person too!

Plate your dinners in an appealing way, decorate the fridge with magnets! Let your kids help too! Build forts from blankets in the lounge and embrace your inner child!

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