Santa’s Little Helpers

A picture of mini Santas made from creative kids' Christmas activities

We’ve compiled our top kids’ Christmas activities to help make the upcoming festive season more fun for your whole family!

Kids’ Christmas activities. Is there a phrase in the festive vernacular that could possibly inspire more fear and dread for parents? “Time for the Christmas family photo” might rank pretty highly as well—but we still think the former takes the cake.

But it doesn’t have to!

We’ve already highlighted in a previous blog the advantages your family can enjoy from being organised for Christmas well in advance. So, we think the extra time that comes from this creates plenty of scope to sit down with the kids and engage in some easy, fun, cost-effective and sustainable activities for the festive season.

We’ve done our homework and scoured the Internet (well, the bits about Christmas anyway) to save you even more time and find our top five Kids’ Christmas activities.

It’s time to get crafty!


Thrifty the snowman

There are some critical stipulations when going down the potential slippery slope of kids’ Christmas activities.

Number one: that they use as many materials as possible you can find lying around the house.

Number two: that they’re simple to make and result in something the kids love.

Well, this adorable snowman ornament from Crazy Little Projects ticks both of these boxes with festive aplomb!

A picture of a snowman ornament
Image: Crazy Little Projects


This is why we can’t have mice things

Depending on how artsy you are in your non-Christmas, non-child-raising life, this one may require a craft store visit.

But once you’ve got the supplies, these candy cane mice from Mom On Timeout are the cutest decoration this side of the mousehole. They can be ornaments or even gifts for friends, family and teachers.

They’ll also get bonus points with the kids as—with the inclusion of the candy cane tail—part of them is edible. Every kid’s dream!

A picture of candy cane mice
Image: Mom On Timeout


On the cup and up

Not all kids’ Christmas activities require fussing about with material or accidentally gluing your fingertips to the kitchen bench.

From The Crafting Chicks, this is a simple game that involves stacking lightweight cups into the shape of a Christmas tree and taking turns to knock them down with a white pom-pom that resembles a snowflake.

Its function is two-fold: it’ll give the kids a chance to have some fun; then when it’s your turn it’ll present a chance to dispel any festive frustration in a well-directed throw.

A picture of green cups stacked like a Christmas tree
Image: The Crafting Chicks


As right as reindeer

These egg carton reindeer from Crafty Morning might test your patience with scissors, but the smiles on the kids’ faces will make it worth the trouble!

The main component is an easy-to-source item from around the house. Had eggs for breakfast? Then you’re in business!

The only other bits required you’ll find in a craft store that—if you’ve tried any of our other selections—you’ll already have!

A picture of an egg carton reindeer
Image: Crafty Morning


The final paper straw

This last one from Echoes of Laughter is great for its sheer simplicity.

With nothing more than cardboard, a few paper straws, some glue and optional buttons for extra decoration, you can have some beautiful snowflakes to place around the house or hang on the Christmas tree.

And with some supervision, even the smallest hands should be able to make them!

A picture of some paper straw snowflakes
Image: Echoes of Laughter


If the idea of kids’ Christmas activities hasn’t sent you running for the hills, then comment below and let us know how these options worked for you!

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