Our quick and easy Iron-On Labels guide

A picture of an iron and labels for the SOY Iron-On Labels Guide

With our Iron-On Labels guide, you’ll be labelling your child’s clothing like a pro in no time—that’s an ‘iron-clad’ guarantee!

Stuck On You has been going for over twenty-five years, which is an accomplishment that brings us great pride! Our Iron-On Labels are tried and tested, but every now and then we like to remind our valued customers just how easy they are to use. Enter: our quick and easy Iron-On Labels guide.

Perhaps you have been with us for a long time and consider the use of Iron-On Labels the labelling equivalent of riding a bike. Or maybe you’re new to the world of personalisation and you’ve just put on your training wheels.

But whichever category you fall into, we’re sure there will be something of value for you in our Iron-On Labels guide—even if it’s just our nod to an early ’90s band for all the ‘new kids’ out there enjoying our labels.

Step one (you can have lots of fun)

With no water in your iron, ensure it’s on a hot setting such as for wool. It’s important to have a hot and dry iron to provide enough heat for the glue to melt and bond with the fabric.

Step two (there’s so much you can do)

Choose your desired position on the garment for the label. Peel it off and place face up on the fabric so the text is showing. Labels don’t adhere to clothing tags, so ensure the position is on the clothing itself and not a tag.

A picture of a label on a shirt in the SOY Iron-On Label guide
In steps one and two, place your label in the desired position and make sure your iron is on a hot setting!

Step three (it’s just you and me)

Cover the label with the supplied parchment paper. If you run out of paper or lose your sheet, then standard baking paper also does the trick (but ensure you use an unwaxed type).

Step four (I can give you more)

Place the middle of the iron on top of the parchment paper and hold down firmly for 10 seconds (if your iron is extremely hot, you’ll only need 7–8 seconds). Lowering your ironing board allows you to apply the optimum amount of pressure to your labels. Ensure you never iron or re-iron directly onto a label.

A picture of parchment paper over a SOY label
In steps three and four, cover the label with the supplied parchment paper and hold the iron over it firmly for around 10 seconds.

Step five (don’t you know that the time is right?)

Repeat the process as needed to ensure the label is stuck down on all edges and no water can get under and lift it from the fabric. Our labels melt to become one with the fabric, so there should be no rough edges.

Step six (New Kids on The Block didn’t have a step six, but labelling sure does…)

Allow the garment to cool before use. Then you’re good to go!

A picture of a label being checked
In steps five and six, make sure none of the edges are lifting and wait for the garment to cool before using.

Frequently asked questions

Q: How do I know how big the name will appear on the label?
A: Our labels are designed to have the text fill as much of the label as possible and really make the name stand out. This will change depending on the icon and label type you choose. Our website’s preview function shows exactly what the label will look like before you order.

Q: My labels are not sticking; are they faulty?
A: Faulty labels are rare. The biggest cause for non-sticking labels is generally an iron that is not hot enough. That’s why sometimes you’ll find that the first few labels ironed on are the ones that don’t stick! The glue needs to melt into the fabric, so just iron some more with a hotter setting.

Q: Why are my labels are not cut through properly?
A: It’s also a rare occasion where our machines do not cut labels properly, but every now and then they’re a little bit naughty. Never fear though as we will immediately resolve this for you. Simply get in touch via phone on 1800 645 849 or email on info@stuckonyou.biz.

Q: Why has my label faded, smudged or curled?
A: The iron is too hot and needs reducing to a cooler setting. As all irons are different, test on a tea towel or similar first to get the temperature perfect.

We hope you picked up some helpful tips in our Iron-On Labels guide. Have some questions or suggestions about Iron-On Labels? Then please get in touch with our customer service team or via Facebook.