How to incorporate more colour for your Easter celebration!

Every year, the beginning of April marks the time for Easter season. Whether you celebrate Easter by decorating eggs, spending time with family, or filling up on candy, this holiday is a great way to welcome a change of weather with a smile. As you begin planning your Easter celebration, be sure to embrace all the beautiful shades of pastel that are marked by this time of year! Here are some simple ways that you can incorporate more colour into your Easter celebration.

Home decor

Since the colour pallet for Easter is all about pastels, look for fun ways you can incorporate pastel shades in your home. Purchase some light purple curtains for the kitchen or find a fun Easter wreath for your front door. You can even DIY an Easter wreath as a fun at-home activity for the kids! A great way to add in some extra Easter touches to your living room is by splurging on some new accent pillows for your sofa and chairs. Even getting some colourful and festive candles for your coffee table is a fun and simple way to add extra colour, and new scents, to your space.

Remember that adding in more colour doesn’t mean you have to go overboard. Sometimes going subtle with your pops of pastel is the best option. You can easily achieve a more subdued colour change by swapping out your indoor plant pots for something more colourful. Try replacing your year-round picture frames with some fresh coloured options. Spicing up the simpler pieces of decor in your home can truly go a long way.

If you don’t want to make huge changes to the decor you already have, a great way to add some colour is to purchase some fresh flowers. Find some colorful assortments to hang outside your home, and then purchase a smaller bouquet to keep indoors. Flowers are the perfect way to add some colour, along with a nice aroma to your home. You can even find some fun flower-sprouting cacti to add to your space that are both trendy and colourful.

Easter decorating - Flowers

If you’re unsure of where to start, research some current interior design trends to get your creative juices flowing. Whatever way you choose to change up your space, don’t be afraid of some colour when it comes to how you decorate!


As you prep for your own Easter celebration, there are many simple changes you can make to add an Easter vibe to your look! Your hair and makeup are the perfect place to start. Don’t be afraid to splurge on a new pastel nail color for Easter weekend, too. Getting a mani-pedi for Easter will leave you feeling refreshed and ready to celebrate.

Changing up the colours you incorporate into your makeup is also a good way to experiment with making your look pop. Achieving a subtle look that is a bit more colourful is easier than you might think. Try out a new Easter eyeshadow color or go with a lighter pink blush. If you’re someone who enjoys keeping things more neutral, it’s okay to opt for the lighter shades of pastel. You can easily achieve the perfect Easter look by using subdued blues and purples. If you’re looking to embrace colours on a more permanent level, try out some healthy pastel hair colour options. Whether you go all out with a full hair colour change, or opt for a simple pastel ombre, changing up your hair is a great way to make your Easter look pop!

Lastly, you can’t make your appearance pop if you don’t have the right outfit. There are so many colourful dress options available. To make your look even more unique for Easter, try shopping for a fashionable jumpsuit instead of a dress and top it off with a chic suede or leather jacket. A bright new outfit is the perfect way to be more colourful with your look. From your shoes to your scrunchies, there are many simple ways to make your Easter style stand out!


Any sort of celebration has to have lots of munchies and desserts! For Easter, have some fun by experimenting with extra colour on your appetizer tray. From colourful toothpicks to polka dot plates, there are many ways you can add some colour to the food you prep for the day.

As you start on your devilled eggs for the party, try adding in some light food colouring to give them a little extra Easter flare. Pastel eggs are a huge part of the Easter season, and are something the kids are sure to love.

Easter decorating - Eggs


Find some colorful decorations for your table as well. Choosing a simple pastel tablecloth and adding in some sprinkles of confetti will help spruce up the table presentation!

Perhaps the best place to add some color into your food is through your dessert choices. There are so many fun Easter cookie recipes that are sure to bring out your colour-loving side in the kitchen. Add a drizzle of color to your carrot cake with some pastel glaze and be sure to make your cupcakes pop with some bright frosting. The colour options are endless when it comes to dessert.

Be sure to also stock up on lollies that you can share with the whole family as well! Easter candies offer bright and fun colours that will work as an accent to your home, and a treat. As you prep your favourite Easter dishes this year, look for places you can add in some colourful accents. Being creatively colourful with your meal is sure to leave your guests feeling even more in the Easter spirit.

Have some fun with your home by shopping for some colourful decor this season! Experiment with colourful new looks, and don’t shy away from the food colouring as you begin putting together your desserts. However you choose to celebrate Easter, incorporating fun colors is a must.


How do you plan on adding in extra color to your Easter celebration?