How to Pack for a Short Trip Without Kids


How many times have you gone away for a long weekend to relax and get away from the stresses of life only to find you have packed enough for a small village??

Well, let me help you out so next time you can take a real break rather than fight all weekend with a plethora of useless clothing.

Research the weather

Most importantly you need to do your research on the weather. By ‘research’ I mean find a great website that gives you correct weather forecasting. Elders Weather are almost always correct and in Australia they use the Bureau of Meteorology so it is as good as it gets! Once you know whether you are going to be enjoying sunshine by the pool or heading to the cinema because it is raining cats and dogs, you can get started.

Plan your wardrobe

If you are going for three days you need to pack two outfits for the days and one and a half for the evenings. So…

Step 1 Choose a basic colour palette i.e. white or black or neutral and one other colour plus a couple of printed scarves that coordinate.

Step 2Think of day one and lay out everything for that day including underwear, shoes, jewellery and the clothes you will be traveling in. 

How to Pack your Suitcase

Step 3 Add an extra dress for the evening that can also be worn on day three. (Obviously, this only works if the dress isn’t for a formal occasion). 

How to pack for a short trip

Step 4 Do the same for day two and try to use at least two or three items from the day before. Maybe a top that can be hung and aired overnight or shoes (if you aren’t walking for miles) and a piece of the jewellery. 

How to pack for a short trip

Step 5 On day three, wear the dress from day one with boots or wedges instead of heals and dress it down with some junky jewellery.

How to wear a scarf

ONLY your favourite pieces make it into the bag – don’t pack anything you don’t absolutely love!

Pack your toiletries

Only the bare essentials but,  I have to say, I never trust the hairdryer at a hotel so mine travels everywhere with me.

Now close your bag and do not open it again!

In fact, get it out of your bedroom and put it straight in the car or at the front door so you are not tempted to sneak anything else into it!!

When you arrive 

As soon as you arrive, hang everything that needs to be hung and unpack everything else into drawers. It makes dressing much faster and more organised.

Pour a drink

Now pour yourself a drink, relax and enjoy your well deserved break.

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