How to Organise Your Children’s Toys

It can be tricky to keep toys from taking over every inch of your house when you have kids. Especially because it seems like you spend more time putting them away than they do taking them out. Finding a way to organise toys is not only great for kids but essential for your sanity as a parent.

Here are some “out-of-the-box” (pun intended) toy organisation ideas that will help you and the kids keep things tidy.

Make the most out of your space

When you have kids, the key to being organised is learning how to hack the space that you live in. Just because some parents designate a play area to keep toys organised, doesn’t mean you have to. You can build cabinets and shelves, place bins and containers, and keep toys stacked in different areas around the house.

Zoom of white wooden furnitures in child room

What and where 

Between all the toys, art supplies, clothes, and stuffed animals, it can get difficult to figure out what to put where. Organising by type and area of use can help. For example, art supplies can go close to the kitchen, outdoor toys can be placed in the garage or stacked on shelves outside, loose Lego can go under your foot (just kidding about that last one – even though it is a painful reality for almost all of us parents).

If you’re looking to save some money on bins, a quick visit to your local charity store or recycling centre might save you some bucks.

Two little sisters drawing and learning together at home

Get creative

Store big toys in containers under the beds, use small plastic bins to hold bath toys in the bathroom, or use wicker baskets to hide toys in the living room in a stylish and convenient way.

Tip: Place devices such as tablets in a basket on top of the fridge. Besides helping with organisation, it will let you control screen-time, since your kids will need to ask for permission to use them.

A baby boy, wearing only a diaper, tries to push over a basket of toys. Shot with Canon 5D Mark 3. rr

Label, label, label.

Having a clear labelling system is essential. Use labels to identify the toys that are stored in each bin: dolls, action figures, stuffed animals, Legos, etc. Another way labels come in handy? On toys. If you label your child’s name and other important details on the toys they tend to take everywhere, they are more likely to be returned if they are lost. You can get Stuck On You personalised labels that are guaranteed to last on their favourite toys, through any playdate or adventure they might take them to!