How to make Origami Hearts

Valentine's Day Card

Valentine’s Day is a great time for some craft with kids and it doesn’t get any easier than these cute origami hearts. The kids can make a card for Dad, cute decorations for their rooms or enjoy the ancient art of paper folding just for the sheer joy of it. Below we have easy to follow instructions on how to fold origami hearts and 4 creative ways to use them. 

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 Origami Hearts

You will need

  • Paper
  • Scissors
  • Sticky tape
  • String for bunting or garlands

How to fold origami hearts 

How to fold origami hearts

4 Ways to Use Origami Hearts  

  • Make a Valentine’s Day Card
  • Stick one inside a shadow box frame for a cute gift or picture for your wall
  • Origami heart bunting
  • Origami heart garlands

Tips for making Origami Hearts 

  • When making the shadow boxes and Valentine’s Day cards, use adhesive foam dots or squares to lift the origami heart off the page, it creates a shadow and gives it a bit of depth. You can find these at craft shops.
  • Experiment with different types of paper – wrapping paper, wallpaper offcuts, brown paper, waxed paper, kids’ drawings, textured papers, scrapbooking paper.
  • In the example below, we put one heart in this frame but 3 or 9 or more in rows with different coloured papers look fantastic and make an affordable artwork.
  • One origami heart in a frame with a child’s name underneath makes a really sweet and personalised new baby gift. 
  • You can find shadow box frames at craft stores, Target and Ikea.
  • Choose papers in your child’s bedroom colours for the origami heart bunting and hang it across a corner in the bedroom that needs a lift.
  • Use the origami garlands to create an impressive entrance to a kids birthday party, cubby or bedroom.

Origami Heart Valentine’s Day Cards and Artwork

Valentine's Day Card - Kids Craft - Origami Hearts

Origami Heart Bunting

Origami heart bunting - kids craft - Stuck on You

Origami Heart Garlands

Origami Heart Garlands

Did you have a go at creating your own Origami Hearts? We’d love to hear how this craft with kids worked for you and any creative ways you used your origami hearts. If you found this craft blog post useful, be sure to share it.