How to Make it Through Spring Cleaning Season

The days are getting longer and there comes that familiar itch to clean out the house and start fresh! If only we were all that excited about it… Are you looking at everything that has accumulated over the past year and wondering how on earth you’ll get it all done before Christmas, let alone Summer? Are you drowning in a sea of toys, scared of what you might find in the deepest corners of the house under all the clutter?

We know exactly how you feel and we’ve got you covered for this Spring Cleaning season with tips that will make it a little bit more fun and a lot less dull.

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Spread out your cleaning time:

You don’t have to rush around the entire house trying to get everything done in less than 24 hours. Instead schedule a couple of weekends and organize tasks for each day. For example, you can take care of the children’s bedrooms one day, and focus the garage on another day.

Organize your time before you begin and you will see it all done.

Know what you need before you need it:

Analyze the rooms, areas, things that need cleaning or fixing, and know which tools you’ll need before you begin. If you must stop every now and then to get something you need, it will take you twice as long and you will get frustrated before you get done with the first room.  

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Get the kids to help:

This is a tricky one! If your kids are younger than five, then you will be better off hiring a baby sitter or waiting until they’re with grandma to begin battling with all the clutter. If not, you can make Spring Cleaning a fun activity that everyone should participate in around the house. Enlist all your helpers and give each of them a task to complete, turn the music up, and get working!

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Label, label, label!

Designate bags and boxes with labels that will help you identify what’s going into each category. Are you donating your kid’s old toys and clothes? What can’t be reused and is considered garbage? Will you be storing certain things for the future?

From what’s staying to what has got to go, make the decision-making process a lot easier by organizing keep, donate, and toss piles before you begin piling things in corners around the house.

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Let the cleaning begin!