How to Make Butterfly Wall Art


How to make butterfly wall art

Butterfly Art

Things you need for Butterfly Art

You will need:

How to make Butterfly Wall Art

Step 1Print out your Free Printable Butterfly Template. Glue to thicker cardboard and cut out, this will be your stencil. Note: If the cardboard is too thick it will be too difficult to make intricate details in the butterfly.

Step 2Trace around the cardboard stencil with a pencil and cut out as many butterflies as you need.

Step 3Remove the adhesive from one side of the foam dots or squares and stick them centred on the back of each butterfly. This makes it easier to centre your butterflies on the backing paper.

Step 4Cut your plain white backing paper using the insert of the frame as a template. You may even be able to use the reverse side of the paper that comes with the frame.

Step 5Bend all of the wings forward to give each butterfly depth.

Step 6Place all of your butterflies on the white backing paper and move them around until you are happy with the layout. Place the frame over the top to make sure they are centred.

Step 7With a ruler make sure the wings are all in line and use a HB pencil to mark a dot at the top and bottom of each butterfly.

Step 8One at a time, remove peel off the protective adhesive and carefully stick them in place using your markings as a guide.

Step 9Put the frame on top and the back of the frame in place.

Step 10Hang somewhere fabulous, step back and admire your Butterfly Wall Art.

Butterfly template


  • Pictures can be as small or large as your frame allows. Several small frames with one butterfly in each looks great as a collection.
  • Choose one or two colours to run through your piece.
  • Arrange butterflies in a circle for something different or experiment with different sizes.
  • Try dragonflies, moths, circles or other shapes. You can find countless templates online.
  • There is an endless source of paper – magazines (I love National Geographic and Frankie magazine), wrapping paper, scrapbooking paper, greeting cards, promotional postcards, travel postcards, art fliers, your kids’ artworks. Spotlight, scrapbooking shops, Kaiser Kraft, stationery suppliers and news agencies are great places to start.  
  • Mix up textures, colours, patterns and styles. I love lightweight Asian styles and embossed papers.
  • Use our Free Printable Butterfly Template as a guide. You can make them more simple or detailed, it is up to you. You can source a butterfly-shaped paper punch but I enjoy manually cutting out each butterfly, it makes each one slightly different and is quite therapeutic.
  • Foam dots and squares can be found at Spotlight, craft stores or online. They have a double-sided adhesive that raises the butterflies off the paper creating a shadow and giving them a bit of depth. 
  • Instead of Shadow Frames you can paint a canvas. Just cover a canvas with acrylic paint and a roller or brush in a similar colour and once dry stick butterflies onto it. These make a really lovely gift and add a whimsical splash of colour to a room.

I’d love to see or hear about the creative ways that you have used your Butterfly template. What have you been creating?

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