How To Host A Mexican Fiesta

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Mexican Food! So easy! So delicious!

Everyone has to host a Mexican Fiesta at least once in their lives, and to be honest it’s a great budget friendly option for the masses. Here are a few options we’ve come up with for you to host the most ‘asombroso’ dinner!


El plato

It probably took me longer to translate the word ‘Entree’ into ‘El Plato’ (because Entree is French, you see), than it will take you to make these dishes!

The first I had a version of at a Mexican restaurant and fell in love with – Grilled Pepper Poppers! This recipe is from Eat.Drink.Smile

You’ll need to combine 3 cheeses (goat, parmesan and cream cheese) with some salt, sage, tomato and onions. Slice some jalapenos in half, stuff and then bake. Prepare for a taste bud party!

The second is a simple guacamole and black bean dip from Iowagirleats Combine seasoned black beans, jalapeno, cilantro, onion, garlic, cumin, lime juice, salt, and pepper into the bowl of a food processor. Mash fresh avo’s with lemon, salt and pepper. Fold in some sweet corn, layer and serve with corn chips.



Comida Principal

Chille Con Carne – A fantastic tasty and ridiculously easy dish to make for a small or large group.

There are many recipes around, but if you want to keep it simple grab some mince meat, carrots, capsicum, mixed beans and a ‘chille con carne’ flavoring sachet from your mexican aisle (usually where you’ll find tacos and the likes). Sure, it’s a cheats version and you can go all out and make it yourself from scratch like this Jaime Oliver one – but at least you have options if you’re time poor! Serve with lots of yummy rice.



Empanadas are a pastry dish that can be made savoury or sweet, so for this one you can use fillers like jam and cinnamon to make them delicious and sweet.

Check out this easy recipe from Food.Com 





Don’t forget to decorate with lots of vibrant, fun colours and make a PiƱata! Coronas are the drink of choice, topping with a nice zesty lemon.

Images found on our Pinterest boards – go and have a look for more inspiration!

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