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If  parents had a dollar for every time they said, “Shoes on!” or “Brush your teeth!” they could retire to a life of luxury. It is exasperating repeating yourself each morning and it starts the day on such a negative note. At Stuck on You we developed a Before School Free Printable and After School Free Printables to  help you and the kids get back into the school routine with less stress and less yelling!

 Before School Checklist


12 tips to go with your Free Printables 

  • Print out your Before and After School Checklist and stick it inside the front door, on the fridge or your children’s bedroom wall.
  • Laminate your checklist, get a whiteboard marker and they can tick off each task as they go.
  • If they are unable to read, draw a little symbol beside the words, such as their bed, a breakfast bowl etc.
  • Take your time to go over the tasks on their checklist before you start so they understand what each one means.  
  • Praise and encourage. When a task is completed, praise them and encourage them to continue.
  • Make it fun. Doing a little victory dance and a bit of “yahoo” can go along way (and it feels so much better than yelling!)
  • If they complete all of their tasks before school point out that they now have time to relax so they can play for 5 minutes while you continue to get ready.
  • If they complete all of their tasks after school encourage them to notice how good it feels to have it all out of the way. They can now celebrate and enjoy some free time.
  • Rewards always work well and can be anything you choose – free time to play before school, screen time when everything is complete, a dollar at the end of a successful week. It doesn’t have to be anything big and it doesn’t have to cost money, just a little token that will help engage your child in the process.
  • The younger the child, the sooner the reward. Kids will be more supportive of the checklist if the rewards are directly related to the task. For a child of 5, a week can be forever (or never), so make the rewards follow the task as soon as you can.
  • If the checklists are not working for you, try a different reward. Each child is different and what works for one may not work for another. You know your child best, find out what their currency is and make that their reward. 
  • Stick to it! Kids often lose interest because parents do. Consistency is key, if you continue to remind and encourage, it will work.

After School Checklist

Did you find our Before School and After School Checklist useful? Be sure to share them. We’d love to hear the ways that it worked for you and your family.

How do you stay on top of the school routine?

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  1. i love how you have down this. Way better than the one I am currently using. It helps sometimes to rotate to different forms to keep it interesting.

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