How to do French Knitting

How to do French Knitting with Stuck on You

Do you remember French Knitting? It is a really lovely way to sit down with your kids and have a bit of quiet and creative old school fun. If our kids have the dexterity for Rainbow Looms, they can handle French Knitting. Pin our instructions to your craft boards on Pinterest and follow the instructions below to learn how to do French Knitting. We’ve even provided French Knitting Free Printables  using (notice the Stuck on You ® Oui Oui design) so that you can make your own French Knitting dolly. Isn’t that adorable! It’s called a dolly!

How to do French Knitting

How to French Kinit

1. French KnittingAttach the icy pole sticks around the tube using the sticky tape.

2.Print and cut out the free printable in the Kids Designer ‘Oui Oui’.

3.Glue the printable to the tube; you can glue it to card to make it thicker if you wish. Secure it along the edge.

4.  Thread the yarn through the tube and out the end.


Holding on to the yarn tail with one hand, wind the yarn around each stick. Wind it so the yarn crosses on the inside in a clockwise direction.

6. French Knitting with Stuck on YouWind the yarn around again so each stick has two rows of yarn.

7. How to French KnitBeginning with the first stick you started with, use the crochet hook to lift the bottom row over the top row and over the top of the stick.

8. How to French Knit There will now be one row of yard on the stick. You can pull slightly on the tail to secure the yarn.

9.Loop the yarn around the sticks again so there are 2 rows of yarn on each stick.

10.Repeat steps 7 and 8 a few times and you will begin to have a pattern that looks like this.

11. How to French KnitAfter several rows the chain will begin to look like this.

12.To cast off, use the crochet hook to slip one loop over the next stick. You will have two loops. Slip the bottom loop over the top one as before.

13.Continue around the tube.


You will end up with one loop left.

15.Slip this loop off the stick and take the tail out of the tube.


Cut the yarn with enough to tie off the end of the tail.

17.Now you have a completed chain.

18.Make a long one and a short one and you can decorate them with ribbon.

How to French Knit Free Printable

Do you remember French Knitting? Did you have a go at French Knitting with your kids? How did it go? We’re all inspired. Stay tuned for a blog post about the creative ways that you can use your French Knitting chains. Tell us how what you made with yours. Start the conversation in the comments below.



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