How to Become a Healthier and Stronger You

Being a mom means there isn’t a time of day that you don’t spend thinking about your children. Often this also means thinking even less about yourself. We don’t blame you, we know what it’s like! Always taking care of others can leave you feeling stressed, unhealthy, and tired and this can eventually affect the way you take care of your kid’s needs. For this reason, taking time to take care of your body and mind is important so that you feel like the strong, healthy, wonderful mother and woman that you are!

Now that it’s getting warmer and we are heading into Summer it’s the perfect time to start thinking about a healthier you, so how can you become a healthier and happier mom?

Mother shopping groceries with her baby daughter. She is choosing local organic vegetables. Smiling and enjoy shopping with her child.

As a mom, every free minute is an opportunity to get something else done, so using those moments for yourself can feel like ‘wasted’ time. Begin by changing your perspective on ME TIME.  Think of going to a yoga class, or for a run as an investment into your and your family’s health.

sports mother is engaged in fitness and yoga with a baby at home

Then, make that ME TIME a part of your schedule. Give yourself the time to exercise and cook healthy meals and be strict about it! If you make it a part of your routine, you will be less likely to disregard it. Schedule your workouts just like you would an important work meeting.

Ask for help! Get Dad to help while you go for a run, or have the kids help around the house so that you can have some more time to dedicate to yourself. You can even organize a group exercise routine with all your mom friends, so that you will motivate each other.

A group of three multi-ethnic mothers walking together, pushing their children in jogging strollers. The child on the left, a 22 month old toddler with blond hair, is the oldest. The African American girl and Asian boy are 11 months old.

Get enough sleep. Making lists in your head until 2am won’t help you rest and it certainly won’t lessen the number of things on that list. Have an organized schedule that you can look at before going to bed. If this doesn’t do it, try meditating before going to sleep. Coloring Mandalas, for example, can help you clear your mind so that you can get plenty of sleep!

Go outside and play! Grab the kids and your husband and plan family outings that will get all of you moving. Go for a hike, plan a trip to the beach, go to the park for the day and play a sport, whatever it is, make it a fun and active tradition!

Happy family cycling in the countryside on a bright sunny day

Give yourself credit! Cut yourself some slack, we all want to be Superwomen, but the key to achieving your goals is not perfection, it’s taking small steps and patting yourself on the back when you accomplish them! Negative thoughts don’t help, so work on being your biggest fan!

Remember, healthy mom, means a better mom!

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