The busy parent’s quick guide to Hey Duggee™

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If you’re wondering why the little one in your life wants to join something called The Squirrel Club, then you need our quick Hey Duggee guide. We’ve got the insight into this hugely popular BBC kids’ cartoon, as well as all the cool gear now available at Stuck On You!

We recently revealed our quick guide for busy parents who knew little about Bluey. Which means we have to do the same thing for the other awesome children’s show you can now personalise with great Stuck On You products: Hey Duggee. Yep, welcome to our Hey Duggee guide!

So, if you have a child who is endlessly collecting badges to your confusion, then read on. Hopefully, you’ll then know your “a-woofs” from your “A-WOOFs”—and we promise, there is a difference.

In a nutshell

Hey Duggee is all about a super-cool hangout for little ones who come in all shapes and sizes and from all walks of life.

That hangout is called The Squirrel Club, and every member arrives ready to go on adventures and have lots of fun along the way.

Duggee runs The Squirrel Club. In every episode, he welcomes the club members and they all work together to earn a special badge. Think of it like a cartoon version of Scouts.

Then, after they have all earned their badges, they enjoy a “Duggee Hug” and return home with their parents. Not a bad day at all!

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Quick trivia

The show is a BBC production and is narrated by Alexander Armstrong. His other notable BBC voice acting credits including Doctor Who and Danger Mouse.

There is also a musical number from the show called “The Stick Song” that has become an internet sensation. It is equally catchy and irritating, and became so popular there is now a heavy metal version; one that you may need when the original becomes utterly unbearable.


The title character is Duggee the dog, who speaks only in woofs. Luckily, there is also a narrator who can break the fourth wall and tell both the Squirrels and the viewers what’s going on in the episodes and what those woofs really mean.

There are five members of The Squirrel Club: Betty the octopus, Happy the crocodile, Norrie the mouse, Roly the hippopotamus and Tag the rhino. Each of the club members has a unique personality that complements the others’ in fun and hilarious ways.

There are also regular recurring characters such as Duggee’s pet cat Enid, John Crab, King Tiger, Diesel the angry bull, the chickens, the naughty monkey, the gang of mice, and a huge menagerie of other animals.

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The stories

Being aimed at such a young audience, the basic premise of Hey Duggee is simple and repetitive. But that certainly doesn’t detract from its charm.

The show constantly reinforces the notion of teamwork through the earning of the badges. This means the characters never hesitate to make each other feel valued, important and included.

This progressive attitude underpins the whole tone of the show, and is demonstrated most notably in the bookends of each and every episode.

All the children’s parents drop them off at the start of each story and collect them at the end. And every episode, this happens for Happy the crocodile with his adoptive elephant parents. It’s unspoken and treated with complete normalcy—just as it should be. Brilliant!

Stuck On You products

Duggee and the Squirrels are now part of another club: Stuck On You! You can personalise your children’s names alongside their favourite Hey Duggee characters on labels right now!

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Thanks for reading our Hey Duggee guide. There’s so much to love about the show; learn more right now on the official website. Then get in touch with us on our Facebook page!


Posted by: Carrie Felton

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