Help your children become more organised

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Being neat and tidy isn’t for everyone. However, teaching your children a few organisational skills early in life can benefit them immensely in the long run.

Whether it’s preparing for school the night before, independently finishing household tasks, or labelling toys and putting them away – the habit of being organised is something that stays with a child forever.

But why is it so important? What are the benefits? Teaching organisational skills to your child isn’t always an easy task, but it’s important to teach children to contribute at home and take care of their things.

So before you pick up another toy or make another bed, consider these benefits:

1. Provide children with a sense of confidence and accomplishment

Stationery range 2017 Stuck On You
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There is nothing a child loves more than being praised and earning your approval (except maybe cookies. Kids love cookies). Starting early can teach your child responsibility and self-sufficiency. As early as three-years-old, toddlers can be taught to organise clothing and toys. A reward chart on display somewhere prominent will help add to this sense of pride and achievement.

2. Help them to establish a routine

Image: Living Life's Moments
Image: Living Life’s Moments

When school starts, a daily routine is extremely important. It’s best to start as early as you can. The simple tasks of waking up, making their bed and brushing their teeth can help establish that routine. Create a checklist or a jobs chart; something physical they can see and reference when a task needs to be completed. Routines can give children responsibility and control over their own lives, which they will benefit from as they get older.

3. A place for everything and everything in its place

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By putting items away in designated spots, children are able to find them more quickly.  Use name labels to organise toys, pencils, crafts, books, clothes and more. Your child’s belongings will have a place in your home and and their room will be clean and tidy.

4. Help children develop planning skills

Stuck On You Stationery 2017
Stuck On You stationery range

Display a large Weekly Desk Planner or family planner to show playdates, sporting events, school activities and more. Everyone in the family will be able to reference this calendar when needed. It helps everyone to become more accountable for their actions, and to plan towards deadlines. Take it a step further and allow children to help with planning. Allow your child to plan a playdate, pizza night or special family outing. This will pay off in the long run.

5. Time management

Creating schedules around homework, household jobs and other tasks will assist your children with management, which plays a large part in organisation. In the future, with a little hope and luck, your children will be able to manage their responsibilities in good time and without complaint.

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