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A picture of healthy pirate recipes

Do you have a child obsessed with pirates? Then we’ve got our top five healthy pirate recipes for your little swashbuckler!

Healthy pirate recipes is probably not a phrase that was thrown around too much with actual pirates. Presumably, they were too busy steering their ships through rough seas or digging up buried treasure to observe the intricacies of their diets.

But for your little ones who have developed the sort of pirate obsession we wrote about in our previous blog, creating healthy pirate recipes can be a great way to utilise this interest and get them eating great food.

But where do you start? Creating nutritious food for the mini swashbucklers in your family may seem about as difficult as sidestepping an order to walk the plank.

But it doesn’t have to be so! We have sailed the seven seas of the Internet to find our top five healthy pirate recipes. So, if you’ve been wondering where ‘X’ marks the spot, then look no further than right here!


Cutlass is more

We’ll kick things off with the simplest healthy pirate recipe we could find. All this one from Creative Kid Snacks needs is some apple, cheese and toothpicks.

A few chops here and a few pokes there and you have these ridiculously cute mini pirate ships. You could even substitute the cheese for some other varieties of fruit!

A picture of mini pirate ship snacks
Image: Creative Kid Snacks


Leafbeard the pirate

This recipe from Snapguide involves only a few more ingredients than the Mini Pirate Ships, and the degree of difficulty is only amplified by a few more swipes of your hook.

With a face made out of bread, a leaf beard, a pepper bandana, carrot earrings, and cucumber and olive eyes, this is the healthiest swashbuckler going around.

A picture of a pirate sandwich
Image: Snapguide


Jolly Rogers

This pirate recipe from Kitchen Fun with My Three Sons is for the real sea captains out there. The classic skull and crossbones design of a Jolly Roger is given a great nutritious spin.

With banana for the bones, grapes for the bandana and raisins for the face, there are plenty of good things happening on this pirate flag!

A picture of a snack that looks like a Jolly Roger
Kitchen Fun with My Three Image: Suns


On a case by quesadilla basis

This one from Eats Amazing turns up the difficulty just a notch, but the result is surely worth it! Comprised of tortilla wraps for the “paper” and safe food dye to create the map itself, the real treasure lies in the contents within.

The quesadilla can include any ingredients, so let your pirate imagination run wild!

A picture of treasure map quesadillas
Image: Eats Amazing


Planks for that

The last entry on our list is by Christina Chitwood and is a remarkable take on the essential pirate ship.

Consisting of watermelon for the hull, oranges for sails and grapes for crew members, there will be no hesitation to eat any of this fruit as the whole thing is just too cool.

A picture of a watermelon made to look like a pirate ship
Image: Christina Chitwood

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Have you got any other additions to the pirate’s essential cookbook? Let us know in the comment section below!