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A picture showing a classic Halloween custom

Ever wondered which Halloween custom you are? Well, ‘fear’ no more with our latest quiz!

Every Halloween custom is as curious as the holiday itself. In fact, the whole event can seem so remarkably ghoulish that you might wonder if it’s something kids should be partaking in at all.

Pretending to be all manner of dastardly creatures; playing pranks on unsuspecting neighbours and siblings; or covering the house in different types of unhygienic decorations that are only going to confuse the pets are all seemingly recipes for disaster.

But Halloween is a curious beast and not just about those things. Its history is fascinating and it can actually foster some positives for your family, like inspiring the imagination and creativity of children.

Then there’s the possibility of it acting as a vehicle to bring the community together in one of the rare moments when people actually feel comfortable knocking on doors and talking with neighbours they usually only wave to from a distance.

So, if you’re feeling a little on the fence about Halloween. Or wondering if it is really for you and your kids, then perhaps you just need a little guidance.

Maybe what you really need is just to find out the Halloween custom that best suits your personality?

Well, you’re in luck. We’ve read the spell books, examined the behaviour of black cats, and watched Ghostbusters an unhealthy amount of times to get the answers for you.

So, if you’re feeling spooky then take our Halloween Customs quiz below!

And there you have it—that’s your perfect Halloween custom! Embrace it and get the kids involved. Before you realise, Halloween might just be your new favourite holiday; after all, it doesn’t have to involve any relatives!

So, get out there and don that Dracula cape, bargain for that block of chocolate, or show that pumpkin who’s boss!


Which Halloween custom are you? Let us know in the comment section below! And if you’re after a less spooky side of your personality, then take our Which Christmas Custom Are You? Quiz.