Getting Ready for Camp 2017

School is almost over and everyone is beginning to get excited about summer. We know planning for camp can be stressful in many ways, so we’ve put together some tips on how to prepare that will hopefully ease your mind while getting ready.


What they’ll need

Consider if they’ll be going for the day or to a sleepaway camp, what activities the camp offers, and whether they’ll be spending most of their time indoors or outdoors. Check the camp organization’s list – whatever is on there is there for a reason.

Here’s a tip: write down a list of all the things they’re taking with them so that they can check it before coming back home. You can write it on the back of their personalized Camp Journal so they won’t lose it!



You’ve heard this before, but labeling is VERY important. There will be plenty of Lisas, Tims, and Charlies to mix up their things with your kid’s things, so make sure that their gear is easily recognizable. Trust us, many fights with camp mates over whose sweater it is can be easily avoided. Stuck on You has plenty of personalized label Camp Packs with labels of all sizes which can be applied to all sorts of things (even their shoes!).


Get the kids involved

Getting them involved in the planning and packing teaches them how to handle their belongings. Have the kids choose their Stuck on You personalized label packs, backpack, and water bottle, with their favorite icon. They can help stick the labels on their gear and place their belongings in their bags. This way, instead of feeling nervous, they’ll begin to get excited about what’s ahead.

Here’s a Tip: Use packing as an excuse to explain everything they need to know. Like what to do with dirty and wet clothes, how they can keep their personalized toiletries tidy, and where to find anything they might need.


Don’t forget the goodies

Packing should be loaded with goodies for them! Include stationery like these fun personalized Stuck on You postcards which they can send back home (it helps to put the address on the envelopes), family photos so that they’ll have a little something to remind them of home, a disposable camera for memories, or games like a set of cards so that they can invite others to play with them.


Now all there’s left to do is to get together and start planning!