Fun and Creative Ways to Announce You’ll Be a Parent

One of the greatest joys in life is the moment you realize you will become a parent. Whether you are a mom or a dad-to-be, there is no reason why others around you shouldn’t share in your bliss. So why not share the wonderful news in a way you’ll all remember forever?

Here are some fun and creative ideas for letting your loved ones know you’re going to be a parent.

Write Grandma and Grandpa a letter from their soon-to-be grandchild. You can tell them how excited your baby is to meet them, include activities he or she looks forward to doing together and how much love he or she already has for them. You can even include a pacifier in the envelope so that they can keep it for him or her in the future.

Portrait of happy senior couple reading letter together

Use holidays to inspire you! Did you find out right before Easter? Put a little note in an Easter egg saying something like “Soon to be aunt/grandpa/etc” and pass them around. Is Halloween around the corner? Get creative with your costume. Dress up as famous dads in history or make this cute “bun in the oven” costume. Whatever the occasion, take advantage of the fact that you’re all together to make the special announcement.

Beautiful baby booties hanging from a Christmas tree branch.

Have fun on social media! Make an ad-like post on Facebook or Instagram explaining that you’re currently looking for babysitters for the near future. Add a list of requirements that poke fun at your friends and family and tag them so that they know they’ll be in for the running. It’s a playful and simple way of sharing the wonderful news with all.

Four amazed friends watching media content together in a tablet sitting on a sofa in the living room at home

Do you already have kids? Include them in the fun! You can take photos of them with signs saying “I’m going to be a big brother/sister!” or “I’m being promoted to….”. Pets count too: after all, they’re also part of the family. Their sign can say something like “My parents are getting me a human being!”. Send these to your relatives and friends and expect to get a lot of phone calls!

A mom and her two kids showing the birth order including a 3rd one on the way.

These are only a few ideas to get your creative juices flowing! No matter how you choose to announce this special moment, the important thing is to have fun and celebrate with your loved ones.