10 Free Printables for Halloween

Halloween Free Printables | Stuck on You

At our house, we LOVE Halloween. And Halloween Printables make things so easy! My kids start the countdown in late September and when October 1st rolls around we are planning Halloween costumes, decorations and shopping for candy and treats to share with Trick or Treaters. At Stuck on You we love Halloween too so we have created 10 Free Halloween Printables to help you and your kids get into the Halloween spirit.

Dust off your broomstick, carve the pumpkin for your Jack-O-Lantern but leave the cobwebs – they add to that Halloween effect!

 Halloween Posters

Free Halloween Printables

Let the monsters, witches and goblins in your neighbourhood know that you are Trick or Treat friendly with our Free Printable  Halloween Posters. Choose from the four designs below (click on the image to print) or print them all and use them as decorations throughout your home or for your Halloween Party.

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Download Printables:

Happy Halloween Bat Free Printable

Happy Halloween Ghost Free Printable

Happy Halloween Pumpkin Free Printable

Happy Halloween Witch Free Printable




Halloween Scavenger Hunt

Free Printables Halloween Scavenger Hunt


For the younger kids a little spooked by Trick or Treating, this Halloween Scavenger Hunt will be great be fun. You can hide items in the back yard, find them while walking in the neighbourhood or sitting in the front yard as all the kids in crazy costumes go by.

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Tip: If you are hosting a Halloween Party, a Scavenger Hunt is a fun party game. Print out a Halloween Scavenger Hunt for each guest and stick them to the front of paper bags and send the kids off on a challenge. 

Free Printables Scavenger Hunt | Stuck on You

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Halloween Decorations

This October, have a few crafternoons with the kids and create a Spook-tacular, Fangtastic, Terror-ific Halloween. These adorable little Halloween characters look so cute when poking up from your front lawn. Follow the instructions below, decorate the house or create a spooky and quirky statement at your Halloween Party.

Halloween Free Prtinables | Stuck on You Free Printables | Halloween | Stuck on You Halloween Free Printables | Stuck on You










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Download Cut Out Instructions

Download Halloween Cutouts (Frankenstein and Pumpkin)

Download Halloween Cutouts (Ghost and Spider)

Download Halloween Cutouts (Bat and Shapes)


Halloween Counter

Do your kids start asking, “Mum, how long ’til Halloween?’ in August? They can now countdown the days with our Free Printable Halloween Counter. Just print and cut out the Halloween Cut Outs and use these cute pieces to cover the days as they pass in October.

Tip: Print out 2 copies of the Free Printable Halloween Cut Outs and play Memory, Fish, Bingo or use the pieces for Halloween craft projects.

Halloween Counter | Free Printables | Stuck on You

[emaillocker id=8986]Download Halloween Countdown Printable[/emaillocker]

Halloween Countdown | Free Printables | Stuck on You

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Halloween Chatterboxes

Do you remember chatterboxes? We thought it would be fun to recreate them with a Halloween theme. Print out our Halloween Chatterboxes or follow our Chatterbox instructions below to create your own.


Halloween Chatterbox | Free Printables | Stuck on You


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Download Halloween Chatterbox Instructions

Download the Halloween Chatterbox



Halloween Bunting

Nothing screams ‘I’m having a Halloween Party’ more than Halloween Bunting. Just print out, cut, fold and attach to string or wool. Stick them in your front window, on your mailbox or decorate your front door to show your house is ok to visit for some Halloween trick or treating.

Tip: Print out the Halloween Bunting, hand out a triangle with a note to your neighbours telling them your kids will be Trick or Treating this Halloween. Ask them to stick the bunting on the letterbox if they are happy for the kids to visit. Then, tell your kids to only visit the houses with the Halloween flags.

Halloween Bunting | Free Printables | Stuck on YouHalloween Bunting | Free Printables | Stuck on You


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Download Halloween Bunting Instructions

Download Halloween Bunting Printable (Page 1 | Page 2)



Stay Safe this Halloween

Our Stay Safe this Halloween poster is a great visual to help you to discuss issues of safety around Halloween and Trick or Treating with the kids. If you have kids gathering at your house, use this poster as a way to remind them to have fun and be safe before they head out.

Safety Tips for Trick or Treating 

  • Keep swords, knives and similar costume accessories short, soft and flexible.
  • Make sure that kids trick or treat in groups or with a trusted adult.
  • Get the kids to carry a glow stick or put reflective tape on their costume so they can be clearly seen at night.
  • Limit the amount of treats kids eat by getting them to put them in a jar so that you can dish them out during the following weeks.
  • Test face paint and makeup for allergic reactions by using on a small area (such as inside wrists) on the kids before you dress them .
  • Remind the kids about safety rules when crossing the road. Encourage them to walk and not run and to stick to the footpaths.
  • Ensure the kids are wearing well-fitting masks, costumes and shoes to avoid blocked vision, trips and falls.

Halloween Safety Tips | Stuck on You

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What’s your favourite Halloween craft project? What Halloween traditions do you have?