As far as I know, I don’t have a cool first day of school photo. Sure, a few snaps might’ve been taken. But back in the pre-social media days, clever and interesting photos were not a Thing.

When my kids were starting out, social media was around, however, sharing clever photos of your children was still not common (that’s my excuse anyway).

For those parents out there about to embark on the journey that is your child’s first day of school, here are some cool photo ideas that will impress your mates and make lovely mementoes in years to come.

The chalkboard

You can be as detailed as you like with these and add more ‘favourites’. If you can get your kid’s cooperation, it would be a cute idea to take one of these photos on each first day of school until they graduate.

I’m sure they would love to be reminded that when they were five, they wanted to be a garden gnome.

First day of school - Chalkboard

Image: Pinterest

The chalkboard that makes a point

First day of school - Chalkboard 2

Image: Adventures of Bradysitting

The aspirational T shirt

Take a large shirt for them to grow into, with the words “Class of ____” printed on it. Apart from being a cute idea, it will also lovingly pressure them to stay in school.

But why stop there? How about a shirt that says “Harvard Medical School 2042” (or 2034 if you want to raise a Doogie Howser).

First day of school - Shirt

Image: The Journey of Parenthood

Got more than one kid going to school?

Don’t let the others feel left out! Here are some ideas for when you have more than one child.

First day of school - Stairs

Image: Grow A Jeweled Rose

First day of school - Apples

Image: Hudson Valley Parent

First day of school - Cardboard

Image: Instagram @mayyabor

Before and After shots

This one is self explanatory.

You almost want them to come back a bit miserable because it would make for hilarious photos.

First day of school - Before and after

Image via Bored Panda

Like mother, like daughter

To soothe her young daughter’s nerves on her first day of school, UK mum Samantha Price found a photo of herself on her own first day of school (she’d gone to the same school). She asked her daughter to pose the same way as mum did years earlier, with the results below:

First day of school - Retro

First day of school - Retro 2

Images: via Mirror

I would’ve loved to recreate my own kindergarten photos with the kids.

However, replicating the bowl haircut and missing teeth on them would’ve been tantamount to child abuse. Plus I don’t think my son (or daughter, or anyone with eyes) would’ve appreciated the checked brown and yellow-collared dress. I haven’t seen that colour combination on a uniform since the mid 80s so I suspect they have been rightfully put out of circulation.

Graduation recreation

This cute photo of a kindergartner being dragged to the school gates for her first day was recreated years later on her high school graduation day.

BTW, what is that mum’s secret? She hasn’t aged a day!

First day of school - Graduation

Image via Twitter

Recreating your own first day of school

You know that trend where adults are recreating their childhood photos, with hilarious (and sometimes downright creepy) results?

Why not do the same with your own school photos?

Something along these lines perhaps:

First day of school - Recreation

Although young Crew Captain was not quite this suave.

Crew Captain’s school photo recreation would probably be more like a geekier version of this:

Recreation 2

Images via Offbeat