Free festive activities and simple tips for a stress-free holiday season

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Looking to keep holiday celebrations as relaxed as possible after a LONG year? Grab our free festive activities for the kids and give these other easy tips a whirl.

As the mess that is 2020 draws to a close, summoning enthusiasm or energy for the holiday season may be even trickier than untangling the Christmas lights after they emerge from the box of decorations. So, in order to get you a few easy wins for the quickly approaching holidays, we’ve compiled these festive season tricks. We’re also offering some free festive activities because we’re just in a giving mood!

Put your little elves to work

First things first, the free festive activities we’ve got for you! There are art and craft projects including the likes of do-it-yourself Paper Chains and Bon-Bons, a festive Find-A-Word, as well as heaps of colouring pages.

All of these are sure to keep your little ones out of your hair … err, we mean occupied … for hours while you focus on other things.

There are also seven free Christmas Cards you can download and print. Remove one thing from your to-do list and let the kids write and decorate Christmas cards to the extended family. All you’ll have to do is address them!

And while we offer awesome Santa Sacks to remove the need for wasteful present wrapping, if your kids insist on some wrapping, let them create their own from large blank sheets of paper. They’ll be out of your hair for hours!

Okay, now that the kids are occupied you can check out our other tips in between trying to figure out the Christmas tree instructions…

A picture of some of the SOY Christmas activities
Our fun activities will keep your little elves entertained this holiday season

Take advantage of online shopping

One of modern technology’s greatest achievements is shopping without having to leave the house. It’s perfect for anyone looking to avoid parking, crowds, queues and festive music on a never-ending loop.

This year, more than ever, online shopping is sure to be the first choice for many of us.

Of course, your first stop down the online shopping rabbit hole should be Stuck On You! We’ve got a whole festive range full of personalised goodies like Santa Sacks, Knitted Stockings, Decorations, Christmas Mugs, Santa Treat Boards, Christmas Puzzles and much more.

A picture of the SOY festive range
We’ve got a huge range of festive gift ideas for your whole family

Stock up on food

When cooking festive meals for your family, you can really ignore the less is more approach. Make double the amount and freeze half of it for lots of stress-free meals!

They’ll be useful for those days when the shops are closed, perhaps you’re in lockdown and can’t grab any groceries, or you just can’t be bothered stepping out of the house. Plus, if you’re lucky enough to have the possibility of Christmas drop-ins, you’ve got meals ready to go!

Finally, make sure to take advantage of those leftover treats from Halloween and other holidays in the lead up to Christmas. That Bento lunchbox sitting in the drawer is an ideal solution for a healthy snack station!

And speaking of leftovers, our personalised Ham Bag is perfect for storing that leftover Christmas ham.

A picture of SOY products for festive food
We have awesome products that’ll help that festive food last longer

A time to be merry and a time to organise

Christmas can be a chaotic affair full of new stuff and things you forgot you ever owned. Why not use it as an opportunity to do some organisation?

When you’re digging out the tree and decorations from the back of the cupboard, focus on removing excess clutter. Closer to Christmas, give your fridge a good clean and reorganise it to leave as much space as possible for all that fresh produce and other Christmas goodies.

Both of these tasks may seem like a chore and, let’s face it, they are. But with the help of our Labels to really go to town with that organisation, you’ll thank yourself afterwards.

This is also another chance to put your kids to work and finally get their rooms clean. Remind them they’re about to receive a shipment of shiny new toys and that it’s in their best interest to make space for them. There’s nothing like Christmas to bring out the spirit of bribery!

A picture of labels for festive organisation
Setting up for the holidays can be a good excuse to get organised

If you have any questions about the Stuck On You festive range, please get in touch with us via or on our Facebook page.

Posted by: Carrie Felton

Owner of Stuck on You, Penny Scallan Design, Golly Gosh and The SOY Group @ home