Stuck On You’s favourite Hey Duggee™ episodes

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Favourite Hey Duggee episodes are hard to pick because there are just so many great ones to choose from! But we’ve worked together like The Squirrel Club and made our selection.

We’ve completed the incredibly difficult task of choosing our favourite episodes of Bluey. Now, we’re undertaking the similarly challenging scenario of picking our favourite Hey Duggee episodes.

But like a squirrel who is ready to earn the latest badge with Duggee, we’re ready for the challenge! Just like Roly, Tag, Norrie, Happy and Betty, the crew from Stuck On You will work together. We’ll make sure we earn our “Favourite Hey Duggee Episodes” badge!

The Spooky Badge

This episode is a standout for several reasons. For starters, it’s just a completely hilarious seven minutes of kids’ television—and we’ll get to that in a second. But we’re also a little biased towards it for the parents watching, rather than their kids.

It takes place on Halloween, and a keen observer will notice the costumes The Squirrel Club members are wearing. Fred, Daphne, Velma, Shaggy and Scooby are all accounted for in a delightful nod to Scooby-Doo, Where Are You?

It’s a detail that flies over children’s heads, but parents of a certain generation will be hard-pressed not to smirk. Roly, dressed as Scooby, even leaps into the arms of Happy, dressed as Shaggy, every time he is scared. All that’s missing is a cry of “Raggy! Relp!”

Whenever a show is aware of—and can pay tribute to—previous television that has paved the way for its existence, you know it’s one that cares and is worth watching.

Nostalgia aside, The Spooky Badge is also just a really fun story! A spooky ghost roams around the clubhouse, causing everyone a great deal of fright. But The Squirrel Club is determined to work together as a team and uncover what’s really happening.

They discover that the supernatural occurrence is just a laundry mix-up where one of the sheep near the clubhouse was covered in a sheet from Duggee’s washing machine!

This episode gives little ones plenty of laughs and, vitally, encourages them to think hard and solve the mystery. And if they need any help with their sleuthing, they can always call on the real Scooby Gang. Jinkies!

A picture of the Hey Duggee title for The Spooky Badge
Image courtesy of the official Hey Duggee YouTube channel

The Shadow Badge

The Shadow Badge, like many of the best Hey Duggee episodes, has a grown-up, real-world conundrum designed to grab the attention of parents watching with their kids.

On this occasion, it’s the intensely frustrating experience of a blackout. The clubhouse is plunged into darkness and, despite Duggee’s expert efforts to flick the switch on and off a hundred times, he can’t work out the cause. 

Rather than delve too far into the minutiae of adult life and have Duggee check the fuse box—or send his “a-woofs” down the telephone line to the electricity company—this episode finds a way for the Squirrels to have some fun despite the predicament.

Duggee starts making lots of shadow puppets on the wall. Then, after the narrator explains to the Squirrels exactly what a shadow is, the whole gang joins in. And we mean the whole gang.

That’s right, it’s not just Roly, Happy, Norrie, Tag and Betty making shadow puppets, but the chickens, sheep, monkeys and just about every animal around the clubhouse. Each shadow is more elaborate than the last, and it makes for hilarious viewing.

The episode does two great things for kids. It emphasises the value of teamwork by highlighting the incredible shadows the animals make together—that a single character could never do alone.

It also offers up the opportunity for a fantastic game parents can play with their children. If you pause the episode at each new shadow, then kids can guess which characters are making it.

Plus, there will be the countless shadow puppets your children will now want to make for real—and that’s not a bad way to spend an afternoon!

A picture of the Hey Duggee title for Shadow Badge
Image courtesy of the official Hey Duggee YouTube channel

The Fossil Badge

This episode packs a lot into its seven minutes and wastes little time in doing so.

While digging for treasure, the squirrels find an unusual rock. They rush into the clubhouse to ask Duggee what it is. “Wow. A fossil,” the narrator announces, before Roly—who has to be our pick for the best voice on the show—abruptly interrupts: “Um, excuse me! What’s a fossil?”

Cue an explanation in “a-woofs” from Duggee, who has his Fossil Badge! Luckily, the narrator translates that explanation while a hilarious dramatisation of evolution unfolds featuring a snail-like creature who loves to wear his shell like a hat and sing show tunes!

The narrator explains that, if the creature became stuck in the ground, it would become a fossil over millions of years. That timeline is shown with a montage of human structures through huts, an Egyptian pyramid, the Roman Colosseum complete with “Hail, Duggee” voiceover, a medieval castle, and eventually Duggee’s clubhouse in the present day.

The squirrels learn that fossils can be any creature big or small and their imaginations go really wild. They imagine themselves as dinosaurs like the Bettysaurus, Norriedactyl, Tyrannoroly-Rex, Trytagatops and Happygator.

Then, as cave squirrels in Fred Flinstone-inspired outfits, they encounter Enid the Sabre-Tooth Tiger and Ethel the Woolly Mammoth. Finally, they proceed to invent things like cutlery, crockery, furniture, cars and even football.

When they finish learning about evolution, they receive their Fossil Badges and enjoy their usual ‘Duggee hug’ before returning home. This just leaves Duggee and Enid in a delightful last joke that sees the cat still in Sabre-Tooth Tiger form, but letting out a timid “meow”. You can’t help but smile at all of the cuteness!

A picture of the Hey Duggee title for The Fossil Badge
Image courtesy of the official Hey Duggee YouTube channel

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