Fathers Day Printables

Free Fathers Day Printables

Father’s Day is quickly upon us, and if you didn’t check out our last post in time and get your personalised gifts for Dad ordered in time, don’t worry, we’ve come to the rescue with our free Fathers Day printables.

We’ve designed 6 free printable coupons for you to print, colour and gift to Dad!

Your six coupons offer Dad:

  1. I owe you…no fighting with my siblings for one day coupon
  2. I owe you…unlimited hugs coupon
  3. I owe you … X minutes of no TV interruption coupon (personalise with your timeframe!)
  4. I owe you…breakfast in bed coupon
  5. I owe you…X minutes of shed time coupon  (personalise with your timeframe!)
  6. I owe you…one foot massage coupon


You can print them all, pick and choose, or simply hide 6 around the house and make him indulge in a a ‘present hunt’.

So, you’re welcome. You know where to send the “Thank You” hamper .. if you remember.

Free Fathers Day Printables No Fighting Free Fathers Day Printables Unlimited Hugs Free Fathers Day Printables No TV Interruptions Free Fathers Day Printables Breakfast in Bed Free Fathers Day Printables Shed Time Free Fathers Day Printables Foot Massage

















To get your hands on the these fathers day printables, simply download below, print on A4 or letter paper and then let the kids get coloring in preparation for the big day.

Download your Free Fathers Day Printables

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Tag us in your best creations on #StuckOnYouDIY – And have a great Fathers Day!