Our favourite family-friendly Halloween movies

A picture of some family-friendly halloween pumpkins

Putting together a playlist of flicks for a not-quite-so-scary fright night? These are some of our favourite family-friendly Halloween movies.

Halloween is usually about trick or treating in your local neighbourhood or celebrating at a costume party. This year will have to be more of a home event though, and so we’ve compiled some awesome family-friendly Halloween movies!

That’s right, there are no scary masks from Freddy or Jason (because, quite frankly, we’ve all had enough of masks this year). Nor is there anything that will keep the littlies (or you) up all night. Just some spooky, wholesome fun!

Casper (1995)

Combining supernatural antics with a dash of romance, Casper has something for adults and children alike. After all, ghosts deserve love too!

Casper is instantly smitten when he notices 13-year-old Kat Harvey on TV alongside her ghost-psychologist dad, and he successfully concocts a way to lure them to live in his mansion. However, he must first navigate the barriers to true love—namely his ghostly figure and three mischievous uncles.

A picture from the film, Casper, a family-friendly Halloween movie
Image: Empire Online

Corpse Bride (2005)

Continuing the theme of ghostly romances (we can’t resist a good love story here at Stuck On You), this one is perfect for slightly older children.

Adorably clumsy Victor accidentally marries the ghost of a dead woman. When she whisks him away to the land of the dead, he must work out a way to escape in time to attend the wedding with his true love.

A picture from the film Corpse Bride
Image: Screen Rant

The Addams Family (1991)

Con-artists plan to swindle the eccentric Addams family out of its money. But they’re about to find out this is definitely not an ordinary family.

Teens and tweens honing their skills in dark sarcasm will particularly appreciate the character of Wednesday Addams. We also dare you to get that theme song out of your head for even days after the final credits roll!

A picture from the film The Addams Family
Image: YouTube

Hocus Pocus (1993)

You can’t go wrong with a film that stars Bette Midler, Sarah Jessica Parker and Kathy Najimy (whom you may recognise as Sister Mary Patrick from the Sister Act movies).

Teenager Max accidentally brings back to life a trio of evil witch sisters who were executed three hundred years earlier. With the help of his sister and his love interest, he must save the children of Salem from the witches’ diabolical plans.

A picture from the film Hocus Pocus
Image: Entertainment Tonight

Hotel Transylvania (2012)

Hotel Transylvania is another tale set against the backdrop of supernatural love (there really is a pattern developing here, one almost as cool as our Pattern Labels).

It tells the story of an overprotective 532-year-old dad (Count Dracula—perhaps you’ve heard of him?) who wants to prevent the burgeoning romance between his ‘teenage’ 118-year-old daughter Mavis and 21-year-old mortal Jonathan.

This film is hilarious and features an all-star cast; see if your family can identify the famous voices providing the laughs!

A picture from the film Hotel Transylvania
Image: IMDB

Fancy ‘treating’ you here

If you’ve exhausted all these movies and you are in a position to have a little outside Halloween fun, then make sure you do so in a COVID-safe way with these tips:

  • Maintain the social distancing recommendation of 1.5 metres at all times.
  • Try incorporating your face mask into your costume by decorating it. A Halloween mask is not a substitute for a face mask.
  • Only accept treats that have been individually wrapped, bagged, and are not from a communal bowl.

And if you are planning on collecting treats, grab one of our awesome personalised Drawstring Bags to store them. Happy Halloween!

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