Essential Products You’ll Need for your Newborn

One day you get the news and before you know it you’re holding a tiny human being in your arms. Being a mom is a wonderful experience, but it’s also a full-time job. To make things easier for you and everyone around you, we’ve put together a list of things you’ll most likely need for your newborn.


Yes, diapers are a topic of their own. You won’t be able to imagine how much energy and money goes into this until you are surrounded by piles of diapers and have to change your baby twenty times a day. Rash ointment, baby wipes, and baby powder are all necessary materials. Add in rattles or small toys to keep your baby entertained while you change him/her. We’ll just say this: you will need diapers. Lots and lots of diapers.

Daily duty of every mother


You will most likely want to have a “coming-home” outfit that is soft and warm. If you’ve already decided on a name, a personalized onesie with their name on it will make the welcome home pictures even more special. Try to think of what is comfortable for them, but also of what is convenient for you (since you will be the one doing the changing). We suggest one-piece outfits, snap-crotch t-shirts, and stretchy pull on pants.

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Hygiene essentials

When it comes to hygiene, here are the basics: Baby nail clippers, infant bathing tub, soft brush for the little fuzz on their heads, a thermometer, and baby body wash, shampoo and body lotion among others. Because you’re likely to carry many of these items around with you, having a personalized travel toiletry set can help you keep organized.

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Aside from the obvious – crib, changing table, baby monitor – there are some things that don’t come easily to mind when thinking of a nursery. A rocking chair can be a great addition to help calm or put your baby to sleep; a hamper can help you keep the room tidy and save you constant trips to the laundry. One thing to think of when it comes to the crib’s mattress is the waterproof linings: they’re important in case there’s an accident, so that nothing seeps down and ruins the mattress.

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On the move

Strollers, sling carriers, car seats. Sometimes carrying them around feels like moving an army (not to mention when you have more than one child). Again, comfort for both you and your baby is essential. These special personalized muslin wraps are great to carry around for swaddling, or as sunshade for your stroller or pram.

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It’s important to get toys that work with your newborn’s senses to help with his or her development. Rattles, teethers, soft cloth toys, musical and chime toys, colorful playmats: these will encourage them to explore touch and sound and keep them busy while you get some mommy time. To give it that extra special touch, you can have a personalized set of name blocks or a name puzzle with their name on them.

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A plate or spoon can turn into a toy that can be thrown across the room very quickly, so it’s important that everything is impact-proof. Having a set of baby bottles is important, but you might have to try a few different ones till you find the right choice for your munchkin. If you are planning on breastfeeding, a nursing pillow is always great for support. Don’t forget nursing pads, since these will come in handy.

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