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Helping kids with enjoying school is a tough task for any parent, but there are plenty of things you can do to motivate them.

Enjoying school is one of the ultimate goals parents have for their children. Sure, there are those pesky results to achieve, but having kids who are happy and excited by the prospect of education should be the number one priority.

But just about all parents are going to face the issue of children not wanting to go to school. Sometimes this can be overcome with simple encouragement or guidance, but sometimes a child’s disinterest in school can really become a problem.

Plenty of factors can contribute to your kids not enjoying school. These can include social anxiety, fear of the unknown, boredom or lack of a challenge, bullying, or just a basic preference to be at home.

You’ll need to consider the reason for your child’s displeasure with school in how you approach a solution. Here are some general tips that should help in the build-up to back-to-school.

Set an example

Parents are the most influential teachers in their children’s lives. Kids will copy your behaviour, mimic how you interact with others, and aspire to replicate how much time you put into your own learning.

By studying, reading and practising in your own life, you will inevitably instil in your kids the idea that education is something that people do voluntarily to learn and grow—rather than something that is forced upon them.

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R-E-S-P-E-C-T, find out what it means to them

Children will invariably have teachers they like more than others—this kind of reaction is only natural. But you need to be wary of how your kids exhibit these feelings because it can become disrespectful.

You cannot expect children to learn—or enjoy school at all—if they are being taught by people they don’t respect.

Parents need to listen to children’s frustrations but also ensure discussions about the teacher are still done respectfully. The flow-on effect will hopefully be children doing the same. A healthy relationship with teachers will only help kids enjoy school more!

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Go the extracurricular mile

You don’t need us to tell you that children have an abundant supply of energy. Put it to good use and involve them in plenty of extracurricular activities, rather than trying to work out where on Earth they get the energy from.

After all, the classroom setting can be a boring experience for many children. Activities like sports, music and clubs can do wonders.

Discover and encourage your children’s interests, and it will renew their focus for school each day. It may even sap a bit of extra energy so they go to bed with less fuss at night.

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Earning interest

Showing a keen interest in children’s school activities will build up their excitement and reinforce positive emotions about what they’re doing on a daily basis.

Talk to them about their day, what they liked and didn’t, and the reasons for all of those reactions.

You’ll begin to gain valuable insight into their schooling lives. Not to mention opportunities to nip potential issues in the bud early on. Being an active participant in their day-to-day schooling will pay dividends in the long run.

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A personal approach

A fantastic way to improve children’s feelings about enjoying school is to make the whole experience uniquely theirs.

The best way to do this is by sending them on their way with school supplies personalised specifically for them—like Bento Lunch Boxes, Bags, Stationery, Labels or any of the other great Stuck On You products.

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What are your best ways to get your kids enjoying school? Let us know in the comment section below!