Hop, skip and jump into our 2021 Easter range!

A picture of a girl with the 2021 Easter range

Easter is just around the corner and our super-cute Easter range is here for your little ones to get their hunt on!

Seriously, is it February already? If you’re like us, it probably feels as if you’ve only just put the Christmas tree away. But whether you like it or not Easter is nearly here, and we’ve got you covered with our 2021 Easter range

We love Easter at Stuck On You, as it’s a fantastic opportunity to have plenty of fun with the kids, plan mini getaways, and spend quality time as a family.  

Follow the trail

Easter for Stuck On Your starts with Trail Labels, so when your little ones wake up they can see that the Easter bunny has visited! They’re in the shape of cute bunny feet and come in adorable personalised designs for kids who can read their names.

Simply put the labels down as they are, or you can use them to sprinkle icing sugar around and trace more of the trail for your kids to start their Easter hunt!

A picture of Easter Trail Labels

Easter morning

We love organising the breakfast table, and with our personalised Easter Egg Cups and Bento Cutlery, the Easter breakfast table has never looked sweeter!

Combine these with your favourite flowers and some of our free downloadable Easter activities to make breakfast an event for everyone (where you may even get to drink your coffee while it’s still hot).

A picture of the Easter Egg Cup and Activities

The hunt is on

Take them on an Easter hunt with our Easter Bags and Hunt Pack to make sure they can find their little treats and stay on track! These products have become treasured mementos for us at Stuck On You and they can be re-used year on year.

The bags come in three different versions that can all be personalised: a Tote Bag, Hunt Bag and Gift Bag.

A picture of the Easter Bags and Hunt Pack

Have a question about our 2021 Easter range? Then please don’t hesitate to get in touch via info@stuckonyou.biz or on our Facebook page.

Posted by: Carrie Felton

Owner of Stuck on You, Penny Scallan Design, Golly Gosh and The SOY Group @ home