The best Easter egg hunt hiding spots that will trick the most avid of hunters

In 2019, Easter will fall later in the calendar year than usual – April 20th. This means… more time to prepare for the big Easter Egg Hunt!

Easter was almost three weeks earlier last year so I was caught unprepared. My last-minute Easter egg hiding efforts basically involved me throwing them up in the air and hoping for the best.

By the way, we’re still uncovering hidden goodies almost a year later, so the strategy can’t be all bad.

However, this year, with the luxury of more time and lack of other hobbies, I can go hard-core with my hiding strategies.

Here are my favourite egg hiding places which will hopefully give you some ideas.

Please note: Be mindful of your hiding spots if you have wandering pets (including neighbouring pets and wildlife if you’re hiding some eggs outdoors). Chocolate can be toxic to some animals so make sure you recover all the Easter eggs after the big hunt is over.

   Easter egg hunt - Child collects eggs


Above a car tyre

Preferably on a stationary vehicle.

In a plant

Combine the beauty of flora with the beauty of chocolate. Where possible, camouflage coloured eggs within similar-coloured flowers.

Embed an egg within a family photo

E.g. stick a little pink egg over Dad’s face and see if anyone notices.

Inside an actual egg carton

If you want to be extra devious, wrap up a few real eggs in Easter egg foil and also place these in the carton as decoys.

Inside the pocket of something drying on the clothesline

Similarly, you can hide an egg in the ‘loop’ of the care tag.

Inside the jacket pocket of an Easter egg hunter while they are wearing it

This takes some reverse-pickpocketing skills but if you pull it off, I guarantee your little egg hunter will be mighty impressed.

Inside your own jacket pocket while you’re wearing it

Just be prepared to be pawed by lots of little hands once the kids get wind of this idea. (Though what else is new eh, parents?)

Inside shoes

Try not to use stinky shoes, unless you want your kids to develop a negative association with chocolate (hmmmmmmm)

Camouflaged in a box of costume jewellery

If you’re like me and have a penchant for extremely gaudy brooches, then this strategy could be extremely effective.

In the vegetable crisper

Or any other part of the kitchen the kids usually ignore.

In or under a piece of trash

Something else children the world over tend to ignore is rubbish around the home (which they themselves are largely responsible for generating), but for once it’ll come to bite them. HA!

On top of a door that is ajar

This will either be a great hiding place or a funny one (i.e. when a falling egg conks a kid on the head).


Want a bit of a twist on the traditional Easter Egg hunt? Try these ideas.

1. Use photos as clues

Take pictures of the various egg hiding places and see if your little hunters can work out the locations. For older kids, make it a bit trickier by taking an extreme close up or blurring the photos.

2. Throw in a few April Fool’s Day tricks

Even though this Easter doesn’t fall on April Fool’s Day like it did last year, that doesn’t mean you can’t have a bit of fun with it. Make up some grapes masquerading as chocolate eggs, or a yoghurt and peach concoction masquerading as a real egg sunny side up, and other devious fun.

See our previous blog for more ideas.

3. Set up a scavenger hunt

Give each hunter specific items they have to collect and tick off the list, e.g. two blue eggs, one non-egg-shaped chocolate, three larger eggs, etc.

4. Do a non-chocolate hunt

For a fun alternative that won’t rot any teeth, replace chocolate eggs with tokens that the kids can redeem at the end for prizes (similar to a games arcade). For example, for five tokens, they get to pick the next movie the family watches. For 12 tokens, they get pizza for dinner or a trip to the park.

5. Role reversal

If you want a bit of a sleep-in on Easter morning, get the kids to hide the Easter eggs from YOU. You keep what you find, and the kids keep what you don’t find.


The perfect accompaniment to an Easter Egg Hunt, the Hunt Pack (picture below) contains cute little clues to help your little hunter found their bounty.

These gorgeous plywood signs can be personalised with your child’s name for that extra special touch.

Easter egg hunt - Stuck On You hunt signs

We also have these adorable egg cups that will brighten up your family’s mornings all year round!

  Easter egg hunt - Stuck On You egg cups

Want a fun non-egg alternative? How about this beautiful personalised Easter puzzle?

                            Easter egg hunt - Stuck On You puzzle

For more Easter fun that won’t make the dentist rich, how about a personalised Easter Craft Bag?

Easter egg hunt - Stuck On You craft bag

This beautifully-illustrated story begins with a mystery – who’s been stealing Easter eggs from children?  It’s up to Super Easter Bunny and your child to put on their superhero outfits and replace the stolen Easter eggs as well as hunt for the Easter egg thief. Will they save Easter in time?

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