A Dinosure Thing

A picture of a dinosaur statue for the Stuck On You dinosaur quiz

Have you been trying to decide which prehistoric behemoth you are most like? Find out your spirit dinosaur with the Stuck On You dinosaur quiz!

In a previous blog, we examined why your kids are SO obsessed with dinosaurs. Now it’s time to take things a step further with a dinosaur quiz tailored to your whole family: parentosaurs and kidosaurs!

We’ve spent countless hours examining fossils, researching ancient history—and watching Jurassic Park just enough to get our Jeff Goldblum impression on point—to bring you the highly scientific Stuck On You “Which Dinosaur Are You?” quizzes.

You read that correctly: quizzes. Plural!

We’ve got one for your kids AND one for you; your family can truly be like the weird ’90s sitcom Dinosaurs very few people remember.

So, go ahead and scroll down to check them out. It’s time to get prehistoric!

So, now you all know what you’d be if you lived hundreds of millions of years ago—OR if you enjoy dressing up in ridiculous costumes!

And don’t forget, once you and your kids know your spirit dinosaurs, then it’s time to accessorise! Rest assured, if you’ve got kids who are dinosaur crazy (or you are yourself), then we’ve got something for you!

Whether it’s a Bento, a bag, stationery or labels, Stuck On You has something for you that is sure to be a ‘roaring’ success!

A picture of a green dinosaur Bento Lunch Box

So, which dinosaur are you? And what about your kids? Let us know in the comment section below!